Stop the dog meat trade in korea

They should be running around excitedly chasing after balls on warm summer nights; sticking their heads out of car windows to feel the wind and smell the scents around them; waiting expectantly at front doors for their families to come home so they can greet them with big slobbery kisses; and curling up at night with people who love them in warm, safe places.
But for these dogs, life is nothing like that.

Instead, they spend their short, miserable lives confined in cramped, filthy cages, where they know only fear and cruelty from the people around them. Malnourished, sick, and helpless, they sit day after day, week after week, bored, lonely, and traumatized. Eventually they are dragged roughly out of their cages, stuffed into trucks, and horrifically slaughtered for meat.

This is the reality of the dog meat trade in South Korea, Donate nowwhere every year millions of dogs live and die in shocking, appalling ways. 

The images in this e-mail are from an undercover investigation of dog meat farms conducted by WSPA's partner organization the Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA). 

During their investigations KAWA staff witnessed horrific examples of cruelty. They saw dogs beaten to death at the request of customers who believe this produces more tender meat. They documented the slaughter process including, on one farm, dogs taking 20 horror-filled minutes to die from strangulation. And they have gathered evidence that some dogs suffer the agony of having their fur removed while they are still alive.

We have photos of these deplorable practices, but we feel that it would be wrong to show them to you - this is cruelty that no one should ever have to witness, and that no animal should have to endure.

You can help us protect dogs from this unimaginable pain, terror, and suffering.

The courageous work done by KAWA needs your support. WSPA is committed to continuing this crucial work to end dog meat farming in Korea, and I hope you will join us in our fight. Your support today can:

  • Help us to fund more undercover investigations to document the brutal truth of the dog meat industry practices.
  • Help use this evidence to fight a movement in South Korea right now that is calling for the legalization of the dog meat trade.
  • Help promote better care for dogs and encourage people to see dogs as living, breathing animals who feel pain, and not as meat.

Please make your gift now to help us stop this and other forms of cruelty to animals across the globe!

Thank You,  

silia blue
Silia Smith FTAF 6
Interim Executive Director

P.S. I know these images are hard to see and these descriptions are distressing to read, but we need to show them to you. These dogs cannot fight back - there is nothing they can do to help and defend themselves, but you can. Please make your gift right now to help these dogs and other animal who cannot speak for themselves. When you are done, tell your friends about this critical issue as well.

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