We need to stop off shore oil drilling

We need to stop off shore oil drilling. Off shore oil drilling has been proven to be nothing more than an environmental and wildlife diseaster. Off shore oil drilling is a threat to both our environment and wildlife. We need to look at a nationwide ban on all off shore drilling so that we can keep our environment and wildlife safe and clean. This will also help our economy out more effectively. We need to put an end to off shore oil drilling now and give back to the environment what has been taken from it. We need to replenish the wildlife that has been contaminated, injured and killed by off shore oil drilling. We cannot sit and stay silent any longer. We need to be the voice for our environment and wildlife so that diseasters like the one we just had out in the Gulf of Mexico never happens again. 
We the undersigned, urge you to stop off shore oil drilling. Off shore oil drilling is a threat to the environment and wildlife. We didn't learn our lesson to stop off shore oil drilling 20 years ago. We need to learn from the recent environmental and wildlife diseaster to stop off shore oil drilling. If you have any heart for the environment and wildlife of this earth, then you will walk away from off shore oil drilling all together. We need to take better care of this earth than we have. Our environment and wildlife are important and needs to be kept clean and safe. The recent off shore oil drilling catastrophe has destroyed the environment and killed wildlife and has affected local buisnessess tremendously in a most negavtive way. We thank you for taking the time to read this letter
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