The Climate Emergency DEMANDS DIRECT ACTION NOW. Read our Ten proposals for ACTION and Reform.

  • by: Robert Rintoull
  • recipient: Environmentalists, Eco-Warriors, Greens and Thunbergians.

Thanks to Greta Thunberg and the pressure placed on world leaders all over the world, the EU and the UN have finally declared a climate emergency. This is fantastic news, but declaring a Climate Emergency isn't enough. The declaration has to be backed up by Direct Action and a plan for Climate Reform on a very grand scale. It is necessary for climate activists, the general populace and their elected representatives to band together and initiate far reaching legislation and laws to protect the rights, land and resources of our planet from the present exploitation and abuse of criminal corporations and their directors.

The Climate Emergency will give the people of all nations and their democratically elected leaders the following rights:

1 - The right to legislate against the gross exploitation and criminal abuse of the planet by individuals and corporations.

2 -The right to legislate against carbon emmisions, including those emitted from industries, airline companies, public transport and private vehicles.

3 - The right to replace the above with ecofriendly and sustainable energy sources, such as solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy and the like. Due to the present pressure on our Co2 carbon budget, which is estimated to run out within 8 to 10 years, it will be necessary for governments to replace carbon based industries and transport within 5 years. They can do this with the cooperation of eco friendly businesses and the expertise of engineers and scientists.

4 - Under the conditions of the Climate Emergency, governments will have the right to outlaw ALL chemical toxins, sprays and articicial fertilizers on farms, orchards, vineyards and the like. It should be our eventual aim to ensure that ALL farm produce is organically grown and uses natural forms of insect and pest control.

5 - A complete ban on all GMOS that prove harmful to the eco-system and interfere with the livelihood of small farmers.

6 - The massive reduction and eventual elimination of ALL slaughter houses and factory produced domestic livestock, along with an eventual ban on all animals bred for fashion or cosmetic purposes. The mass production and slaughter of animals is not only morally reprehensible but also unsustainable, a waste of land and resources, while causing inestimable damage to wildlife, forests, waterways and the environment. Eventually all land utilised for mass production should be turned into sustainable organic farms or wildlife reserves before 2030.

7 - Complete protection and a universal ban on the hunting of whales, and other large marine creatures, as these facilitate nutrient cycling, which is imperative for creating algae blooms - the largest carbon sink on the planet: much larger in fact than all the rain forests in the world put together.

8 - a massive regrowth policy of planting new trees and forests. New trees and new forests are massive carbon sinks, as they have the capacity to build the carbon molecules into their wood and leaves. Older forests are less able to absorb carbon in this way, but they are vital to the overall ecology of the planet in the sense of creating massive bio-diversity through attracting various animals, insects, birds, flora and fauna and so on.

9 - Eventually, government representatives and their advisiors should aim for an introduction of GAIA'S ONE THIRD RULE - the giving back of one third of the planet's present land and resources to the Earth and returning it to its original state, in the form of wildlife reserves, native forests and national parks. This one third of land and resources includes all rivers, mountains, forests, and all the creatures which inhabit them. Responsible cartakers and custodians of these places will be appointed to take care of these sacred reserves. The implementation of the ONE THIRD RULE will go a long way in radically reducing the threat of rising greenhouse gases and restoring the equilibrium of the planet.

10 - As part of our Declaration, we advocate that all government representatitves, big business and the media implement a new system of education and awareness based on the above principles. There will be open debate, lectures, newpaper articles, television and school projects and discussions centred around humanity's shift from their present anthrocentric worldview to a GAIA CENTRED worldview. As our govenments, education and religious institutions have for generations ignored the importance of humanity's interconnectedness with all life on our planet, it will be necessary to implement this program immediately and with as much enthusiasm and efficiency as possible. Environmentalists, scientists and eco-philosophers can be employed to teach at schools, hold public lectures and write articles for newspapers, as well as dessiminate information and ideas on social media, to help us unlearn our anthrocentric habits and help create a Gaia centred planet.

Hope you are with us
Robert Rintoull
On behalf of the Global Earth Healing and Gaia Awareness Foundation

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