Demand A Stop to the Meat Industry's Inhumane Mass Production of Animals!

The United State's meat industry has become corrupt, pumping animals with chemicals dangerous to consumers, and causing the animals to become so overweight that their own legs are not able to carry themselves! In result of this, many of the animals' legs break and they are no longer able to stand. You don't have to be a passionate animal lover to agree that what the Meat Industry does is agonizingly CRUEL and INHUMANE. Laws need to be passed in order to provide a healthy and humane environment for animals until their time comes.

There is no doubt that we humans were made to eat meat, in my opinion it is not morally wrong. HOWEVER, it IS wrong to put our animals through unneeded pain and disturbing conditions. Please sign this petition that will be presented to President Barack Obama in order to urge for a major change within the meat industry!

Not Convinced Yet? Read below and maybe I can change your mind!
Corrupt and inhumane treatments that the animals are forced to endure:

            • Pumped with toxic chemicals that are harmful to both animals and the human

            • If an animal is too heavy to move (which is most common in the meat industry) they will resort to other tools to move them such as bulldozers and other large machines specifically meant for construction sites.

            • No room to move, there are so many animals packed together that it creates an uncomfortable and unsanitary environment

            • When being handled by workers animals are carelessly tossed and thrown into crates, ultimately being injured

            • Baby chicks are picked up as the worker puts their neck to a spinning blade, cutting the head off. This is EXTREMELY inhumane and painful towards the chick. (What if that happened to you?)

            • All animals are put on a moving platform where machines take care of them (and by take care I mean slaughter them inhumanely

            • Many don't get to see daylight. From the minute they are born, they are kept within dark rooms. This has a HUGE emotional impact on them.

So do I have to say anymore to reveal how wrong this is? If you want to learn more about hidden inhumane treatments towards the industry's animals, the movie Food Inc. is highly recommended.

Food Inc. can be found on:

            • Netflix

            • Hulu

            • Any store that sells movies

OR watch it here for free: 

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