Get Dogs Off 3 foot Logging Chains

Currently Some State Laws still allow for use of 3 foot long logging chains to permanently tie out dogs to tires, trees, other stationary objects. This causes decline of our communities as well as puts people at risk. It is also Animal Abuse and it is widespread In some areas of the country. In 1997 the USDA ruled that people regulated by the Animal Welfare Act cannot keep dogs continuously chained. The American Veterinary Medical Association has also spoken out against chaining on BITE PREVENTION Week. Fighting dogs are all kept chained. Centers for Disease Control States "more children are killed by Chained dog attacks than fireworks accidents, playground equipment and falls from trees Combined". 

At least 24 states and 46 counties and counting have adopted tethering provisions already for the safety of their communities. From a Public Health and community Safety standpoint, these officials are right on. We already lost many children who were  mauled to death by a chained dog. A chained, or once chained  dog is 2.8 x more likely to bite, and that rises to 5.4 x for small children. These states typically have the highest kill rates at Millions in Taxpayer expense. Culture is about Improving and Civilizing and these "traditions and cultures" have been outlawed in the Civilized world to make it a safer more humane place for all including our keiki (Children) Where animal abuse proliferates, we have one of the lowest family prosperity index along with abundant Domestic Violence.

This is a community safety and decline issue, decline of property values, and is a prime indicator of domestic violence, Dog-fighting rings which we find the horrific casualties of, along with other forms of abuse which are a precursor to violence towards humans and poses a HEALTH RISK TO Society. 

Dogs are Man's best Friend and Dogs Deserve Better. lists tethering restrictions and animal abuse Info~ ~shows the blights and ills of chaining up dogs in a community. USA  needs to implement welfare Standards regarding Dogs- "Animal abusers of today are the serial killers of tomorrow"- FBI post. So far attempts at introducing legislation have met with backlash year after year. 

Its a big step forward for USA and the Health of our society. Communities that ban chaining are safer, more humane communities. Adopting no tethering will also lead to less dogs at large, less noise, less bites and attacks, and less animals killed per year. States can use this money to benefit its rural people, As many are desperately in need of progress   (youth centers, art, community resources etc instead of Kill centers) 

"speak for those that cannot speak for themselves- Ensure justice for those being crushed" proverbs 31.8 another translation reads "Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute"

Please read, support and Vote Yes on MollyB Bill modelled after successful legislation
Vote to follow usda ruling of 1997 "people regulated by the Animal Welfare Act cannot keep dogs continuously chained". 24 states and 45 counties and counting have adopted tethering restrictions for the safety and health of their communities. 
Very important Social and Animal Welfare issue for Hawaii. An estimated 100,000-150,000 dogs are kept on heavy chains on Hawaii island alone. This causes decline of our society as well as puts people and keiki at risk. We already lost a child in Kauai who was mauled by a chained dog. . Hawaii's poor animal welfare laws are the REASON we have so many unwanted, abused, dumped animals at large. Hawaii ranks 39th in animal protection laws (right along with 41st in family prosperity index, highest kill rates in the nation, highest meth rate use) etc. Fixing the Animal Welfare Laws is critical to rebuilding society and fixing the budget. Domestic violence is strongly connected to animal abuse, as are the animals we find dumped like trash after having been fought to the death. So many ills- such a clear fix. In Animal control testimony from around the country, communities that ban chaining are safer, more humane communities all around. Communities with strong animal protection laws are all around, safer and healthier. 
Update #19 months ago
Aloha Thank you all who signed and shared- THANK YOU for 1513 signatures in 3 weeks over the holidaze. Your comments are really Telling .
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