No Primates in Research Labs!

Today, millions of primates including monkeys and  apes are at this moment being subjected to cruel lab experiments in the name of `science`.
Research has shown that primates, especially great apes, are more like humans than previously thought, not just physically, but emotionally.
They experience joy, despair, anger, and all other human emotions. 
Many babies are taken from the wild, their mothers usually are killed protecting them. Babies born in captivity are taken from their mother, usually soon after birth to be raised by humans. This would have exactly the same effect as it would on a human mother and child. They would feel devastation, and of course, fear.
Many of the experiments performed on these poor animals are illegal to perform on humans, as it would be considered torture, but they can suffer just as much as us.
They are injected with diseases, force-fed insecticides, forced to inhale recreational drugs, and are usually kept in solitary confinement.
Furthermore, it has proven a waste of money and time to test on animals. Most drugs tested on animals and proven safe and effective, have the opposite effect in humans. This is because not even two species as closely related as humans and chimpanzees will not react in exactly the same way. For example, chimps do not develop symptoms of AIDS.
With new in vitro techniques available, it is time to move on to more humane and accurate methods. 
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