Demand Malaysian Government Stop Killing Stray Dogs

Malaysian Goverment has a really bad reputation in every Malaysian stray dogs welfare organizations for catching and killing stray dogs on the spot. They use very inhumane methods to kill the strays. 

The methods that they use includes dragging the dog around on the road and injecting euthanasia directly into the heart. But, they never felt shameful for doing such a thing. They still could smile and put a thumbs up in front of the camera which a dog lover was filming. 

They even climb into houses without the owner's permission to catch the dog. Even if they have a licence. They don't care whether they're strays or not, they will catch them. They even beat up the dogs using a lot of force either with an owner or without one. It was so extreme to the point many dogs might not survive or bleeding from the mouth profusely. 


The stray dogs were bludgeoned to death by the dog catchers using a metal pole. A video was taken by a passerby. The person didn't dare to help since the dog catchers were holding a metal pole to bludgeon the poor dogs. The video was on Facebook and went viral. The local council that the dog catchers belonged to said that it was purely a "mistake". I really do not believe it would be just a simple "mistake". The Prime Minister kept silent about it and did not take any action.

One more point I forgot to mention, the dog catchers threatened the passerby who saw the dog catchers who climbed into the house just to catch a licensed dog. They theatened her that they will compound her for obstructing them doing their "work". 

Such a cruel act should be banned. Why kill them instead of giving them a second chance to live? Please sign this petition to demand that the Malaysian Government stop catching and killing the dogs!! And share this petition as much as possible.

Update #35 years ago
I already sent a complaint via email to the government about 2 months ago, but till now, there is no reply from them. If you want the proof for this petition, you can search Malaysian dog catchers in YouTube. There are a bunch of videos about them killing the poor dogs.
Update #25 years ago
Our government is starting to get much more idiotic. One of the local councils is planning to shoot crows down tomorrow. Starting from 6am to 7pm. The Prime Minister DID NOT object this idea. Instead, he approved it.

What the hell did the crows do to you?! I don't know WHY are they being so sadistic.

Please share this!!
Update #15 years ago
I heard this news from my mom. She told me that the stray dogs in Johor, a state in Malaysia were beaten to death by the dog catchers by using a metal pole.

A passerby who noticed the situation recorded them and the video shows the dogs crying in agony while the dog catchers were beating them up severely. She wanted to help the poor dogs but the dog catchers threatened to compound her for obstructing them.

Please help spread the word!!!
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