1. 1.  In response to a pronounced and unmistakable shift toward the ideological right in US politics within the last three decades,
  2. 2.  In response to greatly diminished representation of the needs of the marginalized left, the underprivileged, and all Americans of Moral and Social Conscience*,
  3. 3.  In response to numerous challenges and abuses leveled against our constitutional rights, privileges, and protections as Americans,
  4. 4.  In response to numerous contentious international actions and policies undertaken and promoted by the government of the United States in Our Name,
  5. 5.  In response to the unprecedented, and undemocratic influence of wealth and corporate finance upon our political system,
 and *Defining Moral and Social Conscience as a desire for:
  • a) Sustainable living, responsible use and maintenance of the world's collective natural resources, and the protection of the viability and diversity of all life on Earth.
  • b) Impartiality in the implementation of the rule-of-law, and equal accountability for all citizens regardless of wealth, title, or class, to laws established democratically by We The People.
  • c) Restoration of the spirit of the social contract which honors the protections and privileges bestowed upon individuals by the state; these being the Right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, and interpreted as the right to equal representation, fair taxation, social security and universal health-care.
  •  d) Balance and regulatory oversight for market practices, with the intent of eliminating: monopolist Capitalism, exploitative profits, risky and fraudulent speculative practices, financial loopholes and tax shelters.
  •  e) Belief in transparent, honest government accountable to the people, with free and open elections, a distinct separation of coequal powers, and proper inter-departmental oversight as envisioned by the founders.
  •  f) Repudiation of the doctrine of pre-emptive war against sovereign nations, and a return to the precedents of international law as established by the Geneva Conventions and other treaties signed in good faith by the United States.
  •  g) Maintenance of a distinct separation of church and state, and the honoring of scientific method and due-process, not religious or doctrinal decree, as the basis for determining public policy.
We the Undersigned, seek to form a progressive, umbrella organization which:
  1. Addresses all concerns adressed in the overview,
  2. Coordinates and represents all under-represented constituencies of the disenfranchised Left (including Greens, Independents, Left-leaning-Libertarians, non-militant Socialists, Social Democrats, Progressives  and classic Liberals),
  3. Upholds the ideals of openness, peaceful public activism, democracy and cooperation,
  4. Places equal and intrinsic value upon both the common good, as well as the individuals who constitute it, 
  5. ...           
  6. Led by dedicated progressive luminaries from within and outside the establishment political arena,
  7. Aided by the building and expansion of a progressive media and information dissemination infrastructure,
  8. Supported by both 'grass-roots', and 'green-carpet' (wealthy yet ecologically conscientious) efforts to raise necessary funding,
  9. Dedicated to broad, New Deal-era reform honoring both our progressive goals, and the founding spirit  of the US Constitution.
  10. Seeking to establish a true, Progressive challenge to the establishment duopoly.
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