Prevent Research Facilities From Acquiring Pet Animals For Experimental Purposes

  • by: Shadow Manypaths
  • target: USDA Animal Care Division - - Phone: (301) 851-3751

Domestic cats and dogs are the first choice for experimental subjects, as their previous treatment has made them "tractable", and they are more easily-handled as lab animals.

Cats in particular are targeted, as their highly-developed nervous system makes them ideal subjects for research into the human nervous system and brain function.

It is bad enough that ANY animal is put through what is from its point of view inexplicable torment - how much worse for a creature that has been raised with love and trust, to think of itself as safe with humans, to be subjected to this sort of betrayal.

Legislation at all levels is needed to prevent research institutes from harvesting animals from shelters and unsuspecting owners who must give up their pets for whatever reason. "Full Disclosure", as is required from members of the police and press, is one important component. Legal sanctions against both researchers and shelters who turn animals over to them even though aware of their intended purpose need to be emplaced.

Knowingly condemning a pet animal to existence in a laboratory as an experimental animal is no less abuse than if the person who sent or brought it there performed the torture themselves...and should be legally treated as such.


please contact your federal, state, and local officials, and request that they file and promote legislation protecting pets from becoming "guinea pigs".

THANK YOU. this petition will be forwarded on a federal level...feel free to copy or paraphrase it for your own campaign for this important issue.

Dear Aphis Official - (i tried to find a "real" name, but the USDA site would not let me find one, sorry)

Please help us. No animal deserves to be an experimental subject - but for a family pet, it is the ultimate betrayal. Animal harvesters for research institutes need to be legally required to identify themselves as such to both shelters and individuals. People taking, collecting, or providing pet animals for such purposes need to be as legally liable as any other abusive owner. We are asking that you create and/or promote legislation to further this cause...thank you.

Sincerely, Animal Lover

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