Samsung, Address Factory Conditions That Cause Cancer

Smart phones have become an essential part of raising awareness for cancer campaigns. But tragically ironic, some South Koreans who work with smart phone materials are dying of cancer.

Backed by advocates, these factory workers are publicly demanding that Samsung and other companies do something about the dangerous plant conditions that are causing these cancers - mostly blood cancers like leukemia and non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Very problematic are the highly toxic chemicals used to sterilize smart phone processor chips and LCD screens on top of production-line work repeatedly exposing workers to benzene and trichloroethylene - which are known to cause blood cancers.

The company response to over 100 factory-related cancers is totally inexcusable. Even though the link between benzene and leukemia is very well-known and has long been established, researchers claim more study is needed  

Following pressure from Parliament and the media for apology and compensation, Samsung has finally promised a verbal response. However the company’s actions have already spoken loudly, as it has joined the legal fight against workers seeking compensation.

Samsung should clear up its mixed messages and address the dangerous factory conditions causing these deadly cancers!

We, the undersigned say Korean factory workers exposed to carcinogens deserve apology, compensation and non-toxic working conditions - and without any further delay.

It is irresponsible for any reputable scientific researcher to claim that more study is needed to prove a substantial link between benzene exposure and leukemia. The evidence for this link, going back over a half century, is so well known and established it should be an embarrassment to those who even attempt to denounce it. Benzene is considered one of the most toxic chemicals used in industry. And it’s very likely that the added exposure of trichloroethylene, which is very toxic to the liver and kidneys, acts synergistically to increase the toxicity of benzene, as well as acting as a carcinogen on its own.

As long as Samsung plants are causing cancer among those who work with product materials, it is unethical for this company to profit from campaigns that are geared toward fighting cancer, particularly while it vigorously opposes compensation to victims of its manufacturing process.

We request that Samsung address the factory conditions causing these deadly cancers, without further delay.

Thanks for your time.

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