Elephants are indeed a living mystery to the general observers and scientists alike.Aristotle said of Elephants: The beast which passeth all others in wit and mind.Its abilities and behaviours match the size of its brain, which is over 5 Kg.Elephants posses convoluted neorcotex, which is a brain structure similar to that of humans, apes and some dolphins, an indicator of a superior and complex level of intelligence.They have a high capacity for memory and emotions due to a well developed hippocampus, which is also the area responsible for emotional flashbacks and the reason why elephants experience Post - Traumatic Disorder.They mourn their dead, hold burial ceremonies and ocasionally pay respect to the skeletons of their deceased.Elephants also self medicate, use tools to acomplish tasks, plays and displays a sense of humour, compassion, and self awareness.

Unfortunately, these wonderful animals are being killed at an alarming rate by poachers in the Mt. Kenya Forest, in Africa.Within Mt. Kenya alone, about 6 elephants are reported killed and their ivory stolen by poachers every month.This cruel act threatens to wipe out the entire elephant population within Mt.Kenya Forest, if not stopped.Join me to petition the residents neighbouring Mt.Kenya Forest to help stop the killing of elephants and cooperate with authorities to reign in poachers.Partner with me as i lead Humanity Plight Community Based Organization to create awareness among the local residents on the importance of conserving and living harmoniuosly with the wonderful and magnificent African Elephants.

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