Improve Lives of Elephants

  • by: Grace Yang
  • target: Maesa Elephant Camp, Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo

Elephants have to go through lots of pain in order to be able to do a lot of the tricks you see in elephant shows like painting, standing on their hind legs, and playing soccer. They call it breaking an elephant's spirit. When breaking an elephant's spirit, people put the elephant, usually a young or baby one, in a smal cage. The cage is  so small, that they are unable to turn around of move. Then, the people tie the elephant with ropes so it can't thrash around. When that is done, they use sharp sticks or bullhooks to make the elephant domestic and submissive. That's when they teach it the unnatural tricks. 

By signing this petition, you are telling any elephant tour groups that you do not like what they are doing to the elephants. By doing this and not supporting the shows, you and others will soon make the elephant tour groups stop doing the shows that cause so much pain to the elephants. 

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