Justice for Hannah

  • by: Sandy Lunn
  • target: To have the Shelby, NC Police Dept ACTIVELY investigate her murder and arrest the culprit(s)
"Shiloh's Hannah of Lunn's Landing", was murdered on July 1, 2012, in the Historic District of Shelby, Cleveland County, NC. She was shot twice with a 38 calliber gun and beaten in the head so badly that we could hardly tell she was a dog, let alone a Boxer. She was thrown in the bushes between our house and out neighbors, and left to rot. When we found her three days ...
later, she was badly decomposed, maggots and flies were eating at her flesh and because she was extremely bloated, she looked more like a blow fish than a dog. We scraped up her remains and buried her properly. We are moving to SC soon, and Hannah will be going with us.

Cleveland County Animal Control and the Shelby Police Department say they have no leads as to who the murderer or murderers might be, so obviously no one has been prosecuted for this crime.

Hannah is accused of biting a lady that was walking her dog and she says Hannah viciously attacked her for no reason. Of course there were no witnesses, so we have to assume that Hannah is guilty, but I can assure you, she would not have bitten anyone without a reason. I don't know what that reason might have been, and undoubtedly never will, but SOMEONE took the law into their own hands and murdered our dog. The killer or killers are running free and probably have the mind set that they have nothing to worry about, because they will not be caught. The sad truth is, they are probably right. That is why I am asking for your help. SOMEONE out there knows SOMETHING, so we are offering a reward for any and all information that leads to the apprehension and conviction of the killers. I am also asking you to please "like" this page, and "share" it with all of your friends. The more the page gets spread around, the more likely it is to get info on the killers that can lead to a conviction.

Hannah was not "just a dog". Anyone that really knows me, knows that in our household, our four legged friends are like our children, the biggest difference being, they don't grow up and move away. They are forever dependent on their owners for the daily necessities, emotional support, and just a gentle hug or pat on the head once in awhile. They ask for very little, but give so much in return.

Please sign this petition to convince the Shelby Police Dept, to ACTIVELY investigate her case to find the culprit(s) that abused, and tortured her. An arrest needs to be made for this cruel and inhumane treatment. Thank you......

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