Florida prisons-most overcrowded,- longest sentences for non-violent offense, in the entire USA

Florida has the most people in prisons, & the longest sentences, for non violent offenders, than anywhere in the entirecountry! Correctional Facilities and are supposed to be geared toward helping individuals rehabilitate and become productive members of our society. Often, this is not the case.Prisons have become little more than warehouses of people with an expiration date.Forcing longer time within the institutional setting has the potential to estrange families and cause irreparable psychological damage to prisoners.It also makes it harder for individuals to readjust to society.Also costing tax payers millions of dollars more each year. The sentence requirement for non violent offense, should be lowered back down from 85% to 65% , if you agree, please sign,& pass along to others if you would also, thank you

Mandatory minimum sentences give no consideration to individuals who have undergone positive change. During their incarceration many prisoners take steps to rehabilitate themselves, so that they no longer pose a threat to society. Continuing to house them within our prison system is a costly waste of our taxpayer dollars. Rehabilitation, is not in Governor Rick Scott "s agenda, therefore,he prefers higher taxes, to rehabilitation. -So lets keep that in mind the next election day- stop the good ol'e boys money grab- relieve the tax payers & rehabilitate people , stop creating a highcrime state because of greed!- please sign & pass this along to others. thanks.(" likeing" does not sign the petition,please sign it if you can spare 30 seconds of your time, then, another page will come up to show you how your signature will appear, (for your approval) then, you click sign again,then its finished.. many people had thought they'd signed, because they did'nt realize the next page was coming for their final signature approval , so they did'nt get recorded. so please complete the process, so your name will be added, thanks,- It doesnt take very long at all.--Thank you

please lower florida prison sentence for non violent offenses 85% to 65%, this is tax payer money being spent- thanks- The Pew Center on the States study determined Florida spent an additional $1.4 billion on prisons just in 2009, laying the blame on longer sentences -- much of that served by nonviolent felons. Another Pew analysis concluded some nonviolent offenders could have been freed two years earlier with little or no threat to society.Florida spends $19,000 annually on every prisoner. In 2004 alone, the state would have saved $54 million had 2,640 nonviolent offenders been released early, the Pew study stated.This year the Legislature found the political backbone to approve a bill that would have given judges the power to reduce sentences on a small number of inmates who had served at least half their sentences while completing rehabilitation programs.But Gov. Rick Scott vetoed the measure, with the justification that it would violate the state requirement that offenders complete at least 85 percent of their sentences. The Pew study cited that 1995 law as one of the major factors in longer prisons stays and resulting higher costs.

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