Demand Justice for families

    We are writing this petition as a means to get attention to a local issue.
    I say we, because we the people; anyone who signs this; agrees they believe something needs to be done.

    Recently, there was light shed upon an issue publicly, within our local Department of Community Services in Truro, Nova Scotia. Specifically, Child Protection Services.

    After doing research into the topic; there have been multiple cases with the same supervisor, intake workers, case workers, & Child Care Workers; at the center of each case. These workers are being given permission to remove children from homes, falsify documents, mislead evidence & statements during court proceeding. The list is long, & vast. The true victims of this are the children; who do not have a voice. The parents of which, are not allowed to speak out publicly. This is said to be due to section 94. Of the CFSA in Nova Scotia.
    Which will be provided below:

    Prohibition on publication
    94 (1) No person shall publish or make public information that has
    the effect of identifying a child who is a witness at or a participant in a hearing or
    the subject of a proceeding pursuant to this Act, or a parent or guardian, a foster parent or a relative of the child.
    (2) Where the court is satisfied that the publication of a report of a hearing or proceeding, or a part thereof, would cause emotional harm to a child who is a participant in or a witness at the hearing or is the subject of the proceeding, the court may make an order prohibiting the publication of a report of the hearing or proceeding, or the part thereof.
    (3) Where the court makes an order pursuant to subsection (2), no person shall publish a report contrary to the order.
    (4) A person who contravenes subsection (1) or (3), and a director, officer or employee of a corporation who authorizes, permits or concurs in such a contravention by the corporation, is guilty of an offence and upon summary conviction is liable to a fine of not more than ten thousand dollars or to imprisonment for two years or to both. 1990, c. 5, s. 94.

    As you can see; this is in regards to the protection of the child. This does not cover the workers who in certain cases, not all cases; have gone beyond their sworn duty to protect the child. We feel when a worker has abused their power, or gone beyond the authority of their job title; they should have to endure the same repercussions. There needs to be some higher power for these people to answer to. Parents can only make complaints within the same office these people work in, to their colleagues whom they work with every day. These workers live in the same towns they work in, and are well known to their officials. Meaning, they’re going to be given the benefit of the doubt.
    It is understandable that many parents will claim to be falsely accused, or be upset upon investigation, & removal of a child. It is not to be understood why there is not a unbiased source for parents who actually have been wrongly accused, or had their children apprehended in an unjustifiable manner.

    As a lot of people may have seen, a video covering the apprehension of a newborn baby had circulated. This video was viewed 39,000 times, and showed a worker standing arms crossed, with a smile removing the baby. Not only is this demeaning, & degrading to the parents involved in the situation. It also shows a lack of respect for the job title, & more importantly, for the child being removed. Usually this is not something the public would be able to witness.. but we feel it is time that more people are allowed to speak out about their experience. What was witnessed in that video, was not only wrong; but completely uncalled for.
    These people should have some compassion, & realize you are removing someone’s child. This is not just some simple task to be managed, & then you go about your day.

    There have been many videos surfacing lately, from upset mothers, & parents who have been wronged by the system.

    We believe it is time these departments are investigated, & there is a review of the laws advising them. Clearly some of these workers have been overstepping their boundaries. They’re suppose to be reputable members of society, who tell the truth. As it has recently been witnessed; this is not always the case.
    We believe access workers during visits with the children, should have to keep paper, &/or visual report of the interaction between children & parent during said visits.
    This gives the judge the ability to see with his own eyes, how and if a parent is capable, or incapable of caring for said children. This could improve time children have to spend in care, if there truly is no risk to the child.

    These workers do not always use the best interest of the child to make their decision; but some times are prejudice due to their own beliefs.
    More times than not, children in care do need help. We would never say that Child Protection Services is not needed. It is absolutely crucial children receive protection, in a judicial system that more times than not, fails the children.
    Pedophiles, Child Abusers, & Drug Addicts get a slap on the wrist; and the child is often left to live with the lack of justice received.

    What do we do though, when the workers are the ones putting the child’s well-being in jeopardy? There needs to be an immediate course of action available to the parents of children in such cases. There is none, due to the biases of the supervisors involved.

    It would be great if this could go Canada wide, & all departments could be investigated. I don’t know if it will reach that far; but Truro Department of Community Services in Nova Scotia; needs to be investigated for the recent events that became public.
    The workers involved need to be investigated, and reprimanded.

    These parents involved in these cases are wrongfully treated, & ultimately destroyed by the fact that they’re living without their children. These children are robbed of a relationship with loving, & safe parents. Parents who are then in a high risk category to develop mental health disorders, due to the situation they are being placed in.
    This is unfair, unjust, & completely immoral. They are then judged and life altering decisions are made, based on their actions in a time of duress, & grief. Duress and grief, their children, & they themselves should never have had to endure.

    If you agree with this, & you would like to see a change in Canada’s CFSA & how the Child Protection Service workers are interacting with their clients.. Sign this petition!

    Child Protection Workers are suppose to be professionals; it should not matter how the parent reacts, so long as it’s not in a violent manner. You need to expect emotions to be high, especially in a situation where it truly is unneeded!
    Workers need to act professional, & maintain a demeanour that is compassionate & validating. This more times than not, does not happen. These workers swear, belittle, & degrade the parents; while removing the child, conducting home visits; and often upon return of the child.

    The police force that follows them, also needs to be held accountable for their actions, or lack there of. How can you allow these workers to break the law, & remove children who clearly are in no danger? How can you condone workers to do illegal searches, when you yourself need to have a search warrant?
    You hear how these workers speak to their clients, you see how they behave and interact with them; and you do nothing.
    Truro Police Service specifically, also needs to have a higher form of investigation. There are a multitude of cases of abuse of power, over use of authority, & excessive force being used.
    It’s time this comes to light.

    Let’s stand together & get these families some justice!
    There is no reason children, & their parents should have to go through months of court; in unseeded situations. This is detrimental to the development of the child, and their future growth & relationship with their parents.
    Let’s make this right, & see if we can make a change!
    One person can’t change the world; but one person can incite a movement that inspires the masses, & makes a change!
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