Wild animals are becoming extinct at the hands of their largest prediator, humans, through hunting, poaching and circuses,

Parents and schools must be educated to teach our children that wild animals say "please don't put me in a circus, we want to live free".  

Wild animals are NOT on earth for our entertainment!

The US is far behind other countries that have already banned circuses with wild animals.  Why haven't we??

We all need to join together and do the right thing.  Wild animals have no choice, and no voice  -  we do.

Facebook:  Speak Out for Circus Animals

P.S.  Make it happen.


TO NORTH CAROLINA MAYORS:  Circuses are the cruelest show on earth.  Citizens of the State of North Carolina are banning together urging you to take action to ban Ringling Bros Circus from coming any city in NC as long as they have wild animals.  And to ban traveling zoos as well.  

This is an ancient, uncivilized, horrendous tradition that still exists today.  How can we allow that to happen??

Civilized (adj) - marked by well-organized laws and rules about how people behave ... having a high state of culture and social development.

North Carolina needs to get in the 21st century by stepping up and have the opportunity to:

  • be progressive and forward thinking, with compassionate outstanding citizens.

  • set an example for the triad, the state, and to join other cities in the US and the world.  Ketchum, Idaho has set the precident.

  • Educate parents and schools so we can act responsibly to teach our children that all elephants, lions and tigers should live free, never in circuses.

  • Wild animals NEVER know freedom.  They live a horrid, suffering life at the hands of circuses to perform out of fear.  "Training" babies until they are old enough to perform is an atrocity against nature.  Do you research.

Wild animals are NOT on the earth for our entainment!

They have no choice, and no voice  -  we do.  Make it happen.

Facebook:  Speak Out for Circus Animals

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