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The people of Anchorage are angry that the local police scanner has been turned off, and want it turned back on. Not because we feel we have a right to listen, but because we are scared, and tired of being scared. Before it was turned off there were some robberies that happened rather quickly one day and that sparked the issue of it being on and accessible to the public.
What happened then is the outrage of the people and that their sense of security was taken from them. It was merely a tool to help each other, and the Police Officers in their job of helping and protecting the people. The excuses flew from there, reason after reason as to why the scanner wasn't turned back on like we were told that it would be.
Since it's been turned off, people will tell you that crime has risen and gotten more violent. It also appears that the NIXLE alerts aren't being used like they use to be. We are in the dark now and are sick and tired of it!!! We want to be a good city again, connected. All that we are asking is that you turn the scanner back on with a longer delay so that the 'bad guys' can't use it to their advantage, and so that we can still hear, post, report and help Officer's and First Responder's alike to fight crime TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY. The time delay has been suggested at 20 minutes and even 30 minutes, which clearly is a very reasonable amount of time to pass and situations to be cleared up. Still this will be a very good deterrent for many criminals, and will also enable more cooperation by the public.This is a win win situation for everyone, it was in the past, and will be again as long as you quit trying to treat the people like they're children or stupid. We are far from that.
10/5/16 Adding a link to show that people do want to help, and that the statistics are reflecting exactly what we have been tellng police about crime being up.

Mayor, Chief, Captain, and Assembly members,
    We are telling you that we want the Anch. Police Scanner to be turned back on with a delay of time between 20 and 30 minutes, nothing shorter. In this time frame most instances that might leave Officers vulnerable would have passed.
   As well, criminals would have no reason to listen because it wouldn't allow them to further their crimes, and would not allow the knowledge of where Officers are at any time. It's believed that they are using walkie talkies to communicate or other means available to them.
   We aren't asking that it be turned on because we think we have a right, we are asking so that we can help our Officers if and when possible. Anchorage has some great people in it's communities and we want to help, but with the loss of the scanner we aren't able to help the way we want to, and this in turn hinders a lot in catching criminals.
   Also, the connections that have been established with the people of the scanner groups is actually a vital part of this communication hub.
   If you aren't willing to turn it on so that it can be listened to, then you should consider enabling administrators of the groups, i.e. Anchorage Scanner Joe to listen and to post so that we can continue to help with some rules in place for us to abide by and keep certain confidences, as well as not divulging direct addresses of victims, names, nor what hospitals they're taken to if they go to one. We don't violate those standards EVER.
   We have asked several times to meet with the mayor and the chief of police and haven't been given a response to this request. The media has also been included in this request as they also need to be able to report to the public in a timely manner much unlike waiting for NIXLE alerts that never come.
   This is all we're asking for, to help with crime, to alert the public of necessary issues such as road closures, weather related accidents or emergencies of all kinds. We want to take our city back.!!! We want FULL TRANSPARENCY like we were told that we would have with your departments.!!!

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