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    UPDATE 6-12-19. 545 pm. Court adjourned, Judge

    See comment at end.


    On Friday, June 7th, a terrible injustice is occurring in Bullhead City, Arizona.
    Two dogs are facing death in a vicious animal hearing. Two dogs who ARE NOT VICIOUS according to everyone who knows them INCLUDING the person who EVALUATED them for the court hearing! Please show your support if you live in or near Bullhead City. One of the dogs , a puppy, may have injured a man who was going out to get his mail. No one can clearly identify the dog and some claim there were two dogs. Although no one could identify the dog or dogs who injured the man, animal control decided to take and quarantine 2 dogs (both with current rabies vaccinations) belonging to a 22 year resident who lived in the area. A 10 day hold has turned into 5 months of hell for the dogs, who had never bitten anyone previously. They were confined in a concrete prison with little human contact, no walks or time allowed out of their run for the majority of their stay.


    If Ronda Johnson’s dog was at large it was only 1 dog. Both dogs were confiscated because they didn’t know which one was the offender if either. So now she is being held responsible for the costs of both dogs and potentially losing both dogs? How is this fair?

    Photos were taken at the scene of the injured man. He was just released from the hospital the previous day after having a stroke. I find it disturbing that no photographs were taken of the injuries after being cleaned especially since this was supposedly a dog attack case.

    No wounds were more than .5 cm in depth. Is this even possible with a puncture wound from a dog bite? I have never heard of dog bites being sutured closed since infection could be trapped inside. This man’s wounds were sutured.

    Considering this was labeled a dog attack I find it very peculiar that not even one line made the local Bullhead city newspaper at the time it happened.

    The dogs owner was assured the dogs would be returned after 10 days. Why did that become indefinite? Wouldn’t the animal control officer have known the seriousness of this case at the time it happened? And at least advised her of it possibly different outcome?

    Why is euthanasia of these dogs even being considered when they did so well on there evaluations even after being incarcerated for five months. Melony, the puppy, did the poorest on her evaluation and yet no consideration was given to the fact she has spent nearly half her life impounded with a little human contact or opportunity for training.

    Ginger, according to the person evaluating her, leaned against her evaluator in an effort to get more affection. Why is it even being entertained but this is a vicious dog when a professional has made statements so aggregiously to the contrary?

    Rhonda has visited her dogs every single day while they have been in the custody animal control.

    Neither Ginger nor Melony has any history of ever biting anyone. Her owner even reports someone entering her house without her knowledge when she was not present and the dogs did nothing to the “intruder.”

    In the 22 years she has lived there only 1 of her dogs was at large ONE time.

    The owner has built a 6” fence to better contain her dogs.

    23 of Rhonda‘s neighbors have signed a petition asking that the dogs be returned to her including the neighbors directly next to her.

    The owner has offered to leave the state immediately if her dogs are returned to her.

    A few months before Rhonda’s dogs were taken, her son lost his life. Her dogs are her only family left. Please reach out in support of her. Show up and show your support. These dogs do not deserve to die and yet the prosecutor seems determined to make sure that happens!
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