International Peace Treaty Ending Soldier Warfare

Petition for Ending War and Creating a Peace Treaty Internationally

"We, The People of Every Nation, demand Every Nation's Leader, Military, Law Enforcement Agency and all private militias to sign this peace treaty; or reform it with consensus, and ratify it into law internationally"

• Nations with enough true hate built up to feel the need to legislate a war with another nation's military and end human lives can appeal with delegates from the UN and all nations affected to end the violence causing this hate by means other than military action.

• When no better solution is found, the individuals from involved nations can box each other under consensus to settle disagreements.

• Nuclear Weapons and Chemical Weapons can no longer be built or owned by any country, group or entity and all existing classified weapons shall be contained by the UN under consensus regulation.

• Public Draft programs like the Selective Service will give people more options to serve their country like community service.

• All militaries unite as an Earth military, divided into country sectors and cannot fight each other Under Any Circumstance.

• Countries and civilizations organized under military rule shall be organized to be peacefully liberated and have democratic constitutional conventions organized.

[Need for recipient's emails; governments, militias and law enforcement agencies worldwide]


'true hate'- No Acceptable Circumstances.
Military Action – The act of legislating or ordering troops to be put on ground in combat or law enforcement.
Consensus – Decision making by agreement or wide majorities.
Nuclear Weapons – Weapons deriving their energy from nuclear fission or fusion
Chemical Weapons – Weapons deriving their energy from; or combusting upon its victims, chemical explosives or agents.
Classified Weapons – Weapons classified by this treaty.
Military Rule – Government rule by public or private militaries; or dictatorships with totalitarian rule.
Democratic Constitutional Conventions – A communally delegated convention to build a public constitution; and federal and federate governments.

Petition for Ending War and Creating a Peace Treaty Internationally.

Under what circumstance should there be any war legislated by a powerful regime? Innocent soldiers should not have to spend their lives just because an elected leader legislated for it.
People have been killing each-other for centuries and blowing each-other up for decades, so must we continue on until military equipment is so advanced that millions of lives can end by one button push? Oh shit.. that can already happen, so it is only a matter of time until some monocratic dictator somewhere in the world gets mad and decides to try to rage nuclear war.
Since wars are usually started over problems made by people in power, the powerful should have to solve it themselves rather than send thousands of other people to get killed over various political issues. We would hope that governments would have learned better from the US' experience of nuking other countries, hopefully. If not, such a travesty will happen again eventually. If measures are taken to build peace around the world, namely this treaty being put to action to end warfare, human progress has been made and we are evolving.
The general argument against a world peace movement is "it will never happen, so just accept it because it is human nature and people are violent." With that ideology nothing good will ever happen for anybody accept those who are violent so should we conserve such nonsense from the past? It literally makes no sense not to publish, sign this petition and require lawmakers to sign this as a treaty or revise it under a wide consensus. People have been saying "that will never happen so just accept it the way it is" for basically every social movement. Do you think the American Revolution was such an easy and given thing? The Military of Great Britain at the time was the most powerful, so the common thought was likely that no one could ever secede from that kind of ridiculous power as the movement was coming to fruition.
There are many other possible ways for these politicians to solve problems with other country's politicians rather than letting thousands of people; who don't deserve to die, die from both sides in the name of serving their country. The only time a country's military should be used is in an act of defense; if their country is being invaded or to fight domestic tyranny.
If this petition becomes law, countries can no longer declare soldier warfare and leaders who try to, or suggest legislating soldier warfare, shall be punished and/or fight their own battles.
It should be one's freedom to choose if they would like to serve their country with their life because it is their life; not the governments, and they can serve their country in their own way.
When a person serves their country with their life, they are only dying. No one is gaining anything from the deaths of soldiers accept maybe the powerful in the modern day. We are told warfare and large military complex's keeps our country secure, but not many countries are a true security threat anyway, so why continue to die in the name of corrupt governments?
Do we want humanity to remain a violent species forever? But of course.. there are extremist groups who still may not agree to a peace treaty, and if not, will the world ever see peace?

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