Loving Pets Protection Act.

To stop animal abusers from getting slaps on the wrist or walking away, only to buy or own a different pet to abuse. Too many get caught abusing their pets or others only to have the pet taken away and the person just go get another one because there is no documented list to stop them from getting another one. 
We need stiffer laws to help stop people from abuse such as beating; teaching your pets to fight and participating in, or running operations such as dog fighting. Right here in Westland you can look back at some news articles and find animal abusers, and even sexual abuse with their own pets or other's pets. Think about it, if it doesn't bother them or if someone enjoys treating pets like this their next step could be children! People who love to watch or cause animals to suffer or hurt and bleed as well as slowly die, sooner or later they may wonder what it's like to see this kind of abuse happen to a human. 
People who run dog fighting operations or a puppy farms/mills don’t provide attention or care for sick or hurting animals. They keep them in cages to live in their own waste; often times with open wounds, lack of water, food, or medical care. Many of these animals live their whole life in a cage sick and in fear and are just kept for the purpose of breeding them over and over for profit. You see news stories all the time of people being arrested for abuse of dogs, cats and other pets. They may take dozens of animals from them and let them off with a promise to stop, a small fine; pretty much a slap on the wrist. Think about it! They may receive a $500 fine, if that, and let them loose to start over and make thousands of dollars the next year by doing the same thing again. 
Severe or repeat offenses need to carry stiffer fines; repeat or horrible cruelness deserves time in jail. Also a Pet offenders list needs to be created…similar to a sex offenders list, where people remain for a lifetime. The fear of getting on that list or people knowing what you have done may be enough to deter or stop some people. It would keep them from going to pet stores or shelters to find dogs to breed or fight. Make names stay on list for different periods of time depending on the offense (s). If my dogs had puppies it would be wonderful to make sure that when they go to their forever home that it is not to somebody already convicted of abuse, but instead to a loving, caring family that all pets deserve. It would also be nice to know you’re getting pets from someone who has not been trying to teach them to fight or love the smell of blood. People need to learn that when you take on pet ownership that the pet is your loyal, loving friend, your companion, and your responsibility to keep safe. .In my opinion owning a pet is much like caring for a child. Tell me…is it less cruel to kill a dog in a dog fight or let one painfully starve to death, than it is to slap a child? Why will one act put a person in prison and on a list; while the other only gives you a slap on the wrist and allows the offender to repeat their ways? Please understand that I'm not comparing children and animals, but I think of them as the same when it comes to cruelty. 
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