Royal Commission into Domestic Violence

  • by: Sylvia Lee
  • recipient: Everybody who likes women and their children, and vulnerable men being SAFE...

As I have just started this Facebook page, ‘Royal Commission into Domestic Violence (We Need A) and invite you to check it out…

Of course I invite you all to 'Like' and 'SHARE' my Facebook site... ROYAL COMMISSION INTO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE... and to please include the link for those who REALLY CARE...

When so many 'institutions' of people and so many other 'good' people do nothing outside of any uttered Lip-Service followed by their Omissions of any Real and effective Actions... Then perhaps its time for a ROYAL COMMISSION INTO THE JUDICIARY???

What do YOU think?

Cheers and have a great day :)

That ALL Courts need the following Legislated 3rd and 4th 'Option' outside of Guilty or Not Guilty as not to fail victims:

3rd Option: 'ON THE BALANCE OF PROBABILITIES' especially as such DV victims do suffer the Legacy of life-long negative and invisible (unidentified) symptoms that can further compromise and sabotage these already vulnerable people's lives... along with their invisible lack of advice and especially legal reps and support access because they may refuse to being imprisoned further in 'order' to see IF they survive DV in order to try to 'get' evidence acceptable to Criminal Courts as opposed to the same standard held in the Family, Local and Children's Courts... further failing victims CONSISTANTLY...

4th Option: ‘NOT PROVEN’ like Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight etc who if they were ALONE that ARIEL CASTRO may well have gotten full custody of the child… for those women IMPRISONED and assaulted.

Update #38 years ago
Hi there to all of you who really CARE about taking a stand against Domestic Violence.

We are working hard and gaining momentum and in need of more traction on behalf of all those too scared having escaped and especially those still imprisoned...

if yòu can please see if you can succeed to getting 5-10 friends oand family members to please sign our petition...

Tàke care for now and jion our Facebook group...

From Sylvia Lee xoxo
Update #29 years ago
Dear CHAMPIONS for Domestic Violence Survivors and Families of Victims... <3 (Y) O:) Now I ask you IF you can ensure at least 5 people you know wether family members, loved ones and friends - could please SIGN this petition -
''When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” Paulo Coelho.
Sylvia Lee.

Update #19 years ago
If our best scientists could discover the answer to the ONE question that has always haunted mankind?

If we could make extinct, the single act of RAPE!! Automatically this makes extinct too, all acts of paedophilia too!

Do you believe that women and children lie just to escape? And why wouldn’t they just walk away if they were REALLY free?

I invite you all to 'Like' and 'SHARE' my Facebook page -
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