• by: Sue Michelson
  • recipient: Prosecuting District Attorney Agata DiGiovanni and Bronx District Attorney Robert T. Johnson

ERNESTO BAILEY, who was bailed out for $15,000, is the sub-human who came upon a stray cat laying on the sidewalk in front of his apartment. He proceeded to kick and beat the cat, douse it in lighter fluid and set it on fire while it was still very much alive. Neighbors reported that they smelled something burning and came out to see SOMETHING engulfed in flames, rolling around on the sidewalk.

We have to make sure this sick man gets a harsh enough punishment that perhaps he will be deterred from doing something like this ever again!!

Please sign this petition to demand that the courts find this man guilty of all charges against him, including Aggravated Animal Cruelty (felony), Arson in 5th Degree (misdemeanor) and Torturing and Injuring Animals (misdemeanor.)

Dear Prosecuting DA Agata DiGiovanni,  I will be brief. As the author of the petiton re: ERNESTO BAILEY  --  KITTY "DOE", I am speaking on behalf of 20,730 (TWENTY THOUSAND, SEVEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY) people from AROUND THE WORLD who have signed and voiced their exteme comments and pleas to prosecute and punish this EVIL MONSTER to the fullest extend of the law.  Seeing as how his only remorse for his actions is that he "did it in public and was caught on survailence camera" is a STRONG indication that he has done this sort of thing before, WILL do it again (in private) and his sickness will most likely/already has extended to CHILDREN and other helpless beings.  People are afraid to have someone like him in their neighborhoods, towns, cities and states!!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let all of us know that justice has been served.  Thank you - Sue Michelson

Update #53 years ago
UPDATE - The next court appearance has now been confirmed for Jan 20th, 2016. HOPEFULLY, this will be the last time that we will need to get MORE signatures (and comments) on this petition. Just so you guys know, I really have sent this petition w/signatures to the District Attorney's office one day before trial, every time. Let's pray that this SCUMBAG will finally receive the maximum sentence of 2 years. Thanks!!
Update #44 years ago
PLEASE sign this important petition and urge others to also do so. Trial is being held this coming Monday, Dec. 1st at 9:00am. I will once again be sending this to the DA. I REALLY want the most severe punishment possible for this deranged CRIMINAL!!
Update #35 years ago
ONE MORE BOOST OF SIGNATURES, PLEASE!! I'm sending this in on Tuesday, Sept. 9th. Thank you for all of the support and passionate comments so far. Hopefully the Judge will punish this abuser to keep him away from other animals and people, AND send an important message to other MONSTERS like him.
Update #25 years ago
QUOTE by ERNESTO BAILEY -- " The only thing I regret is that I set the cat on fire on the sidewalk right in front of the building I live in, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten caught -- that was stupid of me". The trial is set for Sept. 18th -- I am posting this in hopes of getting a MANY, MANY, MANY MORE SIGNATURES in the next couple of days before I send it to the District Attorney. PLEASE!!
Update #15 years ago
Hi everyone. THERE HAS BEEN A TRIAL DATE SET FOR THIS MONSTER -- September 18th in the Bronx County Courthouse. WE NEED A LOT MORE SIGNATURES so I can send this VERY IMPORTANT PETITION TO THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY. In addition to your signatures, many of you have also written some very moving and poignant comments about your DISGUST for this pathetic person and what punishment you feel should be handed down to him. EVERY SIGNATURE AND SENTIMENT WILL HELP OUR CASE!!!.
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