Congress: Reform companion animal protection laws at the federal level

  • by: Nicole Warren
  • recipient: Congress/nonpartisan staff lawyers who work for Congress

The United States of America is not doing enough to protect its companion animals. Countries like Sweden, Switzerland, and The Netherlands do not have stray dogs. They control who can breed dogs (no puppy mills) and they don't allow pet stores to sell dogs. They do not euthanize because of overpopulation rather they act as a community to take responsibility for the animals. In the Netherlands, animals have rights that are protected through a central organization that enforces strict codes of conduct.
We need this change in the U.S. at a federal level because state and municipalities are not doing right by animals in a lot of areas of this country. Too often municipalities actually make money off of how many animals they euthanize. Shelters (municipal pounds) often don’t make efforts to find the animals a home.
Companion animals need rights, they shouldn’t be possessions. We need to be guardians for our companion animals. Rescue efforts are amazing and so many animals have been pulled at deaths door. So many have not sadly, the ASPCA estimates over 3.9 million dogs and cats are euthanized yearly in the U.S. Rescue efforts are a band-aid and do not solve the real issues associated with animal overpopulation.
Please let’s work for a time when we can call our country a no-kill shelter country; some states already are working toward this. Healthy animals will not die in vain because of careless humans (we as a community). We need to reform the way we live with animals in this country so we can stop the needless killings.
Recently I read this great news about dogs in the Netherlands:

9/20/16 UPDATE:
The Netherlands claims a zero stray population now.  Thanks to good legislation, making spaying and neutering services free for its citizens, and some other really great outside of the box thinking.  These things can happen in the U.S.  Please check out how the Netherlands got to this shining example point:

inspiring articles:

Update #56 years ago
New York State Senate Bill S5084 would prohibit declawing of cats and other animals. Doesn't every cat in every state deserve this treatment? Declawing is cruel, it involves amputating the first segments of a cat’s toes and shouldn't be done.
Update #46 years ago
Let's not give up on this effort please share this petition so it can get the support it deserves. We need to make this country great by protecting our companion animals at the federal level. Let's stop killing dogs and cats because on overpopulation. There are other ways, let's make it happen.
Update #36 years ago
I recently came across this petition:
I believe we could use a registry in every state across the U.S. in an effort to protect all companion animals in the US. Anyone adopting out an animal needs to check this registry to make sure potential adopters are not able to gain access to these pets.
Update #27 years ago
Cold weather has arrived and the news is reporting incidents of dogs/cats left outside frozen to death. These tragedies are enraging!!! Report to police if you see a dog tied outside or roaming the streets. If you know anything about the dog in the news, or we know the person responsible, speak up. Such people don't deserve the privilege of having a dog and need to pay for such heinous acts of cruelty.
We are their guardians. Please continue to share and sign this petition; we need change.
Update #17 years ago
I realize the scope of this petition is broad and would like to add specific goals to aim for in this uphill climb as we need to start somewhere.
A good place to start:
To get EVERY state in United States to prohibit the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores, retail businesses or other commercial establishments.
Please share this petition so we can make progress and educate others on the need for such legislation in our country.
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