Stop Mosquito Fogging Hiawatha, Iowa With Carcinogen!

We want the City of Hiawatha, Iowa to stop the ineffective fogging of Permethrin for mosquito prevention. The EPA classified Permethrin as a human carcinogen, shown to cause immune system damage and birth defects. It is ineffective and poses a human health hazard.

Please sign the petition to ask Hiawatha to stop spraying this insecticide!

Permethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide and neurotoxin with several short and long term health effects. Permethrin is an inhalation and ingestion hazard that worsens respiratory problems and circulates throughout our homes if our windows are open during fogging. In addition, Northwestern University Medical School conducted a series of investigations and found neurological damage from pyrethroids.

In 2013, The City of Hiawatha's contract for mosquito fogging included 8-10 treatments at a cost of $20,000! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that ground and aerial spraying is usually the least effective mosquito control technique. Insect fogging has been proven to actually create strains of pesticide resistant insects, thus increasing the mosquito population over time. A variety of insects have already developed resistance to permethrin, such as cockroaches and head lice.

Permethrin kills beneficial honeybees, ladybugs, dragonflies (which are mosquito predators), and is HIGHLY toxic to fish once it enters our waterways. It also ends up on the fruits and vegetables we grow in our backyards, and the grass our children play on.

We want Hiawatha to stop the costly, ineffective mosquito fogging. While placating the public, it will have consequential long-term effects on our health and environment.

Please sign the petition to ask our City Leaders to consider safer alternatives to Permethrin, including:

- Educate the public about standing water

- Encourage garlic or cedar sprays

- Encourage individual responsibility by avoid outdoors and dusk and dawn, cover skin, and use personal mosquito repellent

- Visit this link for more information regarding the health effects of permethrin.

- Educate the public regarding West Nile Virus. According to the CDC, "less than 1% of those infected with West Nile virus will develop severe illness. West Nile virus remains rare in areas where it has been reported, and the chance that any one person is going to become ill from a mosquito bite is low."

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