Your Social Security information accessibility

    If you are technically challenged like myself and so many others in and around my age bracket
    (66 yrs of age) getting your social security information is extremely difficult if you have issues when using anything online. Even what is considered "simple"", or " beginner's " when talking about anything computer or online can be extremely confusing, citizens of our age didn't have the advantage of learning computer science in grade school, we didn't grow up with it, and most of us had our children grown and out of the home by the time" doing everything online " was even a thing. So no one around in alot of cases to learn from, we have been barely getting by or simply do without the many advantages available when and if availability is" online". Social Security has a program for everyone to create a" my social security " account, but it is nessasary to create it via" online". If you make mistakes, you then have to wait up to two week's to receive a authorization pin to enter so you may attempt creating the absolutely nessasary online account so you can get your own must have income,requirements, applications ect ect from the Social Security Dept. Of this country. Then if another mistake is made when trying to create this account,the 2 week process starts over., Calling them is not a answer , your greeted with a automated system that is no better, if you get through that , great but after several attempts and each attempt ends with not being able to understand the way you pronounce a answer the recording has asked you are then placed on hold to wait to speak to a actual person. As I, and thousands of others know that it can take over 2 and a half hours of holding, or more.... That's when most of us need to hang up, or fall asleep. Either way, ending an entire day of trying to get something very simple but life requiring information only Social Security can provide. I have spent over the past 5+ year's working on setting up a my social security account with one success, unfortunately due to not remembering my password or where it may have gone during a move, I no longer could access my own information a second time when income varification was nessasary and I had to wait the 2 weeks, made a mistake only to have to start over waiting again, finally again giving up, and doing without. It's been year's I've been involved with this confusing mess. To this day I do not have a accessable account with social security. And once again started for the 3rd day in a row to contact a speaking live person on the phone, only after failing pronouncing my own name incorrectly was I informed I'd have to call back another time and hung up on due to the volume of calls and other's on hold. Now I can not even listen to the elevator music for 3 hours to earn the privilege of speaking to someone live. The worst part I can't verify my small income any other way, I'll not be able to complete the voucher earned before it expires and will become homeless due to eviction. So I guess now along with thousands need to find themselves getting by or doing without because they cannot go online to access something they paid for every paycheck of their entire working lives, to only get the proof nothing monetary just proof. STOP this MADNESS
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