This UK Factory Farm Leaves Starving Pigs to Cannibalize Each Other Alive

A factory farm in Devon, UK is being described as the site of "unimaginable suffering" after undercover documentary footage revealed cannibalism, malnourishment, open bloody wounds, sickness, and other forms of horrific mistreatment. At one point in the video, a pig dies while screaming after her pen-mates begin stomping on her, trampling her underfoot, and then biting her.

Documentarians with Glass Wall Films returned over the course of several days, noticing that the corpses of dead pigs were still present in the enclosures days later - though by that point, they were partially eaten and decomposed.

Sign the petition to demand UK authorities shut down this horrendous farm!

These types of aggressive and cannibalistic behaviors are only happening because the farm owners are subjecting these captive animals to severe malnourishment and extreme overcrowding, where the animals are surrounded by filth and each other, and nothing else.

These conditions are in violation of UK law. And it's not the first time the farm is being highlighted for its cruelties. Seven years ago, a different investigation by Animal Equality found that facilities were so decrepit, they were leaking water, and that the pigs were "covered in slurry and forced to lie in their own waste."

Factory farms are not only extremely brutal and injurious to helpless animals - they're also horrible for the environment, and the lives of neighboring people around the facilities. Factory farming is one of the top contributors to carbon emissions and climate change around the world.

That's already bad enough. But when animals are neglected and starved to the point of eating each other alive? That's when authorities must step in and put an end to the horrors. Sign the petition to demand the UK shut down WJ Watkins and Son's Cross Farm in Devon!
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