Demand National Ban on Force Feeding Ducks for Foie Gras

  • by: Sue Lee
  • recipient: U. S. Congress

Imagine being forced into a cage and having a pipe rammed down your throat three times a day, force feeding you to the point where you can no longer stand.

This is what ducks and geese on foie gras farms endure, all for the sake of haute cuisine. Foie gras is considered a rare delicacy by some, but a recent investigation by PeTA shows that the birds on foie gras farms pay the highest price.

The livers of foie gras birds enlarge to 10 times their normal size as they are force-fed and pumped full with pounds of grain and fat every day. Many of the birds can no longer stand upright due to their enlarged livers and can endure incredible stress, fungal infections, internal injuries, and internal bleeding. Many of the birds will bleed out and die as a result of this abuse.

It's time to end this cruel and inhumane practice. Add your name to call for a national ban agains cruel foie gras farming, and urge Congress to treat all animals humanely.

Dear Congressmember,

I strongly urge you to place a national ban on the practice of force feeding ducks and geese for the purpose of creating foie gras. A recent investigation conducted by PeTA provided an in-depth look at this brutal, disturbing practice. Ducks and geese are crammed into small cages and forcefed daily with harmful feeding tubes.

[your comment here]

Several other countries have banned this practice completely. It's time the United States joined them. Please do everything you can to end this disturbing practice permanently and nationwide.

[your name]

Update #13 years ago
have contacted U. S. Congress regarding this issue and will advise you when I know further outcome since it is difficult to get to the correct person. Thank you for speaking out on this issue and saving these animals.
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