Prove Foreign Contributions are Clean

  • by: Susan V
  • target: Romney and GOP Party

Both Romney and Obama seek campaign contributions from Americans living overseas. Done for decades, it's completely legal, but only if done openly. Keeping contributions from non-Americans living anywhere is illegal.

While Romney beamed himself into a teleconference fundraiser in Hong Kong, Obama's surrogates worked fundraisers in Shanghai, Paris and London, says Huffington Post. But the secerecy shrouding Romney's recent overseas fundraising tour is doing more than raising eyebrows. Some are saying it disqualifies his candidacy, others that he should be in jail.

Transparency seems to define the difference between the two parties in this campaign. While Obama has released names of all his expatriate bundlers - supporters who group contributions from others - Romney has divulged only some of his, says HP.

All this, added to his failure to release more tax returns, shows that Romney is still not being candid about his campaign. Tell Romney to prove his foreign contributions are clean.

We, the undersigned, expect all candidates to disclose sources of political contributions, and there is increasing evidence that the Romney campaign has not been as open as it should be in this regard.

The so-called “shell game” involving the pumping of many millions from any source into secretive shell groups and nonprofit groups is muddling the process enough without the GOP barring the press from fundraising events overseas.

Veterans Today has outright accused the Romney camp of raising millions at events in Israel and London, some of which it claims came from non-Americans. Others, VT suspects, “may have just flown in the money.”

Huffington Post said in July that the voluntary disclosure of all of the Obama campaign’s bundlers has “highlighted Romney's refusal to release his list…,” making him the first presidential candidate to fail to do so “since before the 2000 election.”

The overall secrecy surrounding Romney’s overseas tour has led Addicting Info and others to question the eligibility of this candidate.

We request that the Romney campaign open the books on its overseas fundraising tour and prove that all contributions received are eligible.

Thanks for your time.

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