The "exception" at the center of the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is the source of all of America's ethnic, social, and political turmoil. "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a PUNISHMENT  for CRIME whereof a party shall have been duly CONVICTED, shall exist in the United States or any place subject to its jurisdiction. Section 2: Congress shall have power to enforce this law by appropriate legislation." For 148 years, the "exception" has adversely impacted the political, economic, social, and instututional growth of Africans in America. The "exception" wedged into the 13th Amendment is a constitutional question of law that must be resolved because it contradicts the supreme law of America. It gives a thing, then takes it away. It ends the inhumanity of slavery and involuntary servitude, then continues it in the same breath. The code words inherent in the "exception" wedged in the 13th Amendment is the machinery that drives the manipulation of many Africans in America into persecution, criminalization, and ultimate re-enslavement, that is PUNISHMENT, CRIME, CONVICTED. This manipulation is enacted by APPROPRIATE LEGISLATION and driven by the political deprivation, economic disadvantage, social disparagement, and institutional discrimination that is being legislated in the House of Congress and in every house of legislation and court room across America. It is the reason for the cruel punishment in the sentencing of those sent into re-enslavement "AT HARD LABOR". It is the motivating force of the private prison industry, "for-profit" prison/plantations where millions of men, women, and children are warehoused, many of which are disporportionately Africans in America. . . With the practice of modern-day slavery and involuntary servitude extant in America and all over the world, America is unable to internationally address this inhumanity because of the hypocrisy of her domestic inhumanity toward Africans in America. Removing the "exception" from the 13th Amendment would not only strengthen the constititution itself, but it would free America of its historical hypocrisy and inhumanity to a people who wanted nothing more than what is guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence for all Americans: LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS.


Removing the exception from the 13th Amendment is a just cause to rectify a question of law in the United States Constitution that has been used through political legislation to persecute, criminalize, and re-enslave (mass incarceration) a whole people in the United States since in was placed in the center of the 13th Amendment. It caused the severe criminalization of freed people in mass "convict leasing" and child slavery in the "bounds of apprenticeship" immediately after their emancipation; it caused "Black Code" laws to prevent and suppress their rights to be citizens, to vote, and to participate in their demoocracy under the laws of the Constitution; it caused Jim Crow legislation which stultified them as a people and treated them in a tertiary manner; it caused the murderous past-time of lynching, burning, and dismemberment of African people in America; and continued it well into the future in the so-called "drug wars", mass incarceration, and oppressive legislation against young African males across America. The exception continues slavery in the sentencing of convcited criminals to "Hard Labor" and severely punishing them if they refused; persecuting political prisoners who were manipulated under the government inspired COINTELPRO pogrom of those only seeking their Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and security. Removing the exception from the 13th Amendment is about human rights, human dignity, social equality, and equal opportunity in America and globally. Join us in this movement to correct a historical injustice in the supreme law of the land. Sign up and get involved!!!! 

Update #49 years ago
We have three days remaining to get the 1000 signatures required to send our petition to President Obama and Congress to remove the exception from the 13th Amendment. Tell your family and friends to sign up today!!!
Update #310 years ago
Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT AS PUNISHMENT FOR CRIME WHEREOF A PARTY SHALL HAVE BEEN DULY CONVICTED, shall exist in the United States or any place subject to its jurisdiction.

Code words: Punishment. Crime. Convicted. This is 149 years of persecution enforced by appropriate legislation. The "exception" has to be removed from the 13th Amendment. Sign up and get involved!!!!
Update #210 years ago
For everyone who has signed this petition and for everyone who will sign this petition, you are part of a historical movement to correct an injustice in the law that has gone on for 149 years. You are part of a movement to right a wrong that is being done to a whole people. You are part of a movement for human rights, human dignity, social equality, and equal opportunity. Tell your family and friends to JOIN THE MOVEMENT, SIGN UP AND GET INVOLVED!!!!
Update #19 years ago
.To all who have signed our petition THANK YOU FOR YOUR ACTIVISM!!! This is an important and historic petition that challenges 149 years of direct persecution. Please stay involved. Tell your family and friends. I have faith that we can do this. Thank you.
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