Insist on Labeling of All Genetically Modified Food!

Recently, the US Dept of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved more genetically engineered (GE) foods including Alfalfa, Corn, and Sugar Beets. Next on their list is a fast growing type of salmon, which will become the very first GE animal to be sold as food. 

As reprehensible and disgusting as mutated food is, worse still is the fact that the FDA and the US Dept of Agriculture will not require any organization selling these products to label them as Genetically Engineered foods. This is unacceptable!

             We deserve the basic right to know what we are ingesting!

And if we are buying foods labeled as organic, we should be able to trust that they are just that -organic. But according to a direct quote by New York Times reporter Mark Bittman, when ethanol corn cross-pollinates feed corn, the results could degrade the feed corn; when G.E. alfalfa cross-pollinates organic alfalfa, that alfalfa is no longer organic; if a G.E. salmon egg is fertilized by a wild salmon, or a transgenic fish escapes into the wild and breeds with a wild fish it is not clear what will happen.

Please sign this petition if you, like us, believe that it is the basic right of the American public to decide whether to consume genetically engineered foods. If you, like us, believe that the F.D.A and the USDA are irresponsible in not requiring labels, sign here and let them know. Together we can demand that labels be provided for all genetically modified foods, especially those labeled as organic. 

In the meantime, you can identify which foods are genetically modified by downloading this free app for your iPhone. Go here for more information:

Together we can make our voices heard. 
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