Please help the people and animals of Mauritania πŸ‡²πŸ‡·!

  • by: Victoria Salter
  • recipient: Embassy of Mauritania πŸ‡²πŸ‡· London

Hi πŸ‘‹,
I have been reading about the force-feeding of girls in Mauritania. The girls are fattened up because fat girls are seen as more attractive in their society and are more likely to marry quickly. One girl was, presumably, fattened and then married at 17. Some girls in the West are still in school at 17. Some go to university. Some write books. Some travel. Some might start their careers, businesses and/or get part-time jobs. That poor girl in Mauritania, however, was fattened up as a teenager and married at 17.
In the past, camel's milk was used (in addition to other things). Now, however, the girls are possibly going to be even more unhealthy, as a chemical used to fatten animals is used to fatten them.
Despite all this, other people in Mauritania πŸ‡²πŸ‡· are in dire poverty. Why is so much time, effort and food put into the unethical, unhealthy practice of force-feeding girls when they could instead be used to help Mauritania's poor people?
Also, animals can suffer and die in Mauritania, too. Homeless animals, those who are abused and/or neglected, and those whose "owners" won't/can't feed them properly due to poverty, all should be helped. I have seen in a video a (probably) dead animal in Mauritaniathat was skinny and probably died of starvation. Why is so much time, effort and food put into the unethical, unhealthy practice of force-feeding girls for marriage when there are humans and nonhumans in Mauritania (the same country) that desperately need help and support? If the force-feeding was outlawed by the Mauritanian Government, all that time, effort and food could be used instead to help the needy humans and nonhumans of Mauritania.
Here are some things that I would like to become law in Mauritania.
1. A ban on all unnecessary violence, against both humans and nonhumans.
2. A ban on the practice of force-feeding girls and animals.
3. More Government money, time and effort spent on helping the needy, abused, neglected and poor humans and nonhumans of Mauritania.
4. The time, effort and food that would put into force-feeding girls instead put towards feeding and helping the needy humans and nonhumans of Mauritania.
5. Support for women crop farmers and other small crop farmers of Mauritania.
6. More Government money put towards education in Mauritania, inlcuding teaching children, young people and older people to always be kind and compassionate both towards themselves and towards all other sentient beings.
7. More time, effort and money spent to making the Mauritanian people's childhoods and lives as good as possible, and more time, money and effort put towards improving the lives, treatment and care of nonhumans as much as possible.
Please sign and share this petition.
May you, all the humans and nonhumans of Mauritania, and all other sentient beings be perfectly well, healthy, happy and safe forever.
Thank you 😊 to the moon πŸŒ“ and back.
Best Wishes,
Have the best day and night ever!

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