Support Animal Well Being while being Groomed in Mobile Grooming Service

I am writing this letter to address many unfair issues that I was not aware of when it comes to the rights of animals.  Unfortunately this past weekend I became enlightened to how the New York laws for animals are so minimal and frankly disgusting.  I became aware of certain New York laws through a terrible tragedy that occurred on December 15, 2012.  A brief summary of the tragic incident so that you have some background information.  I used a Mobile Grooming Service based out of Staten Island called Peticular Grooming.  At 11:30 AM on December 15 2012, I had an appointment with the owner of the mobile service name Kevin Aubrey.  He arrived to my home in the mobile van on time and my sister and I brought our 2 healthy dogs, Trouble and Bella, out to him to be groomed but unfortunately we did not get either of them back alive.  This was a very sad day for our family because any animal lover would know they are just not pets they are family.  The only information we have is that he said he passed out and when he woke he found both dogs dead.  We have an autopsy being done and according to the Vet it is impossible for 2 dogs to die at the same time from grooming, because he should only be working on one dog at a time.  I have tried to contact many offices in the state of NY and it seems like no one cares.  Through this process I found out that groomers do not need to be licensed in the state of NY and if it is a mobile service they also do not have to be licensed with the health department.  This is just a disgrace.  How can a groomer work on your pet and not have a license.  Would you have someone take care of your children’s health if he or she was not a Doctor? I am told that animal’s are considered property.  Property to me is not something that eats or breaths.  I just cannot understand the logic.  I was able to get pictures of the inside of the grooming van and it is very unsanitary and disgusting, but the department of health will not investigate because the business is on wheels.  I was told it is a grey area.   I ask you why?  If the same service is being given to the animal what is the difference if it is on wheels or stationed.   If that is the case then these mobile services should be illegal and not be on the streets.  It seems no one in the state of New York cares about the animals.  There needs to be better bills/laws passed when it comes to Groomers and Mobile Grooming Service.  I need for all us animal lovers to take a stand for these innocent pets.  I just believe there are millions of animal lovers and this needs to be address if not for the owners but for their loved pets.  Please sign this and help protect our pets because if you don’t who will?

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