Catalytic converter theft ends when we unite our voices!

Americans share a mutual ongoing and awaiting problem which is Catalytic converter theft. It is time we stand united and put an end to it once and for all or else we're concerned it will only get worse with the rise of precious metals which are found within catalytic converters. 

"We the people of the United States of America have come together humbly and hopeful of our lawmakers to put into effect immediately the nationwide restriction of sales,trade,acquiring of all catalytic converters and the processed precious metals(such as platinum,pallidium,rhidium,copper,nickel,cerium,iron,&managnese )that are extracted from the catalytic converters,without a certificate or proof of where they got the catalytic converter or precious metals which should be no different than taking precious metals to a jewlery shop, pawn shop,recycling,manufacturing,small business and companies ect.To simply restrict the trade and sales of all unmarked precious metals and whole catalytic converters in order to bring security to the future of catalytic converters which affects the financial wellness of the American people who have for too long been preyed upon by criminals causing stress and even hardships. To do this would require all buisnesses to confirm ownership of all catalytic converters or extracted metals.The catalytic converters and extracted metals brought to buisnesses without serial numbers or cetificates or any proof of ownership along with id cards(to keep record of who and how many times and for what buisness anyone has been on record of so if investigated shall keep people accountable). This would take away the street value and capability of theft and to report unidenitifed subjects or hold the item on site to report to the authorities. This will deter future theft for profit.This would become same concept as jewlery shops or pawn shops ect. Criminals would not steal newer catalytic converters due to the fact that typically old used ones have the precious metals that are sought after, thus significantly lowering the theft issue and securing old and new catalytic converters.Criminals are usually a few steps ahead of the law but to significantly lower the succes rate of theft by applying the same protective actions as jewlery shops,pawn shops ect, would then make the stolen material invaluable without proof of ownership and in time criminals will no longer be able to sell whole catalytic converters or even the filtered metals that are processed from the catalytic converters. And finally make it a Federal offense nationwide if caught buying,selling,trading,or even donating catalytic converters or the unmarked precious metals filtered and to strip buisness license away and do time behind bars.  

Update #2about a month ago
Congratulations my fellow Americans! Together we met the 150 mark for our first goal. The vision for this petition is to go viral nationwide. Please support the petition by copying the link and sharing it on all your social media time line,groups,ect. This is our petition so lets make our couce not only heard but united the mote this spreads. 40+ supporters overnight last night and it just comes to show what one post per person can do.
Update #12 months ago
Thank you for your voice! As majority of supporters came from just the city of Vallejo California alone, imagine how many cities across the NATION need this petition. I encourage you to share this petition with EVERYONE on all of your social media and contacts.This could go viral overnight! The nation is waiting for us to share this with them. Every morning someone wakes up stranded and will face a hardship. The sooner we accomplish our petition mission the better for our nation!UNITED WE STAND!
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