Create a Better VPHS Schedule

The 2020-2021 SLICE schedule for VPHS disadvantages AP students academically. There is a need to address the gaping disparities in access to thorough advanced placement coursework and successful test preparation before the College Board AP Exam testing in May 2021 (May 3-7 and 10-14) at Villa Park High School.

Per College Board, "AP courses give students the chance to enroll in college-level work while still in high school to earn college credit and placement. Course work is roughly equivalent to a first-semester college, consisting of 15 weeks or 75 days of instructions to prepare for their AP Exam."

Currently, OUSD has created the 3 SLICE Block Model for VPHS

1st Semester
1st Quarter
August 19 - October 14 (40 days)
Classes 1, 3, and 5
2nd Quarter
October 16 - December 18 (39 days)
Classes 2, 4, and 6

2nd Semester
3rd Quarter
January 11 - March 9 (39 days)
Classes 1, 3, and 5
4th Quarter including a two week AP Exam Prep
March 10 - April 16 (23 days)
Classes 2, 4, and 6
April 19 - April 30 (10 days) Review
May 3 = College Board AP Exam Begins


Having classes in the fall, then different classes in the spring, makes it nearly impossible for students to succeed in AP classes.

Odd periods get 52 days of AP instruction during the 3rd quarter/2nd semester.

Even periods get 24 days of AP instruction during 4th quarter/2nd semester with the add on of 10 days for a year of course work review.

Squashing so much learning into one semester will place an undue burden on students trying to learn difficult content. Teachers will never be able to finish all the material necessary for the AP Exams.


The SLICE schedule forces students to either cram all their APs into the spring or wait after completing a course to take the national exam. Either way, the potential for students to earn college credit will be hindered. Courses like mathematics, foreign languages, and sciences benefit from daily practice and suffer from a lack thereof. The SLICE model results in a six-week layoff where students receive no daily reinforcement of instruction in a specific subject before taking the AP Exam. Student's ability to gain acceptance into college, which depends at least partially on AP classes, is damaged by this schedule.


Book camps on SATURDAYS?

OUSD states AP Boot Camps will be offered to minimize any loss during the off Quarter. These Boot Camps are insulting to the AP curriculum. Furthermore, many of the classes are vying for the same time slots, requiring students to prioritize which Boot Camps they can attend. Additionally, students with multiple AP courses having only Saturday boot camps is not feasible.

Per the law, each child must be given an equal opportunity to education. The above VPHS SLICE schedule is in direct violation of this fundamental right. It provides students with schedules that provide the proper amount of preparation times for AP tests (outside of VPHS) an unfair advantage.


2021 INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS Hybrid Model - blend of in-person and remote learning with a different block schedule

Instead, a schedule that resembles a 1.3.7 Period Week/ 2.4.6 Period Week Block Model should be used. Yearlong courses should take a year. Semester courses should take a semester. By changing to a different model in January, while still accommodating social distancing, all students will be able to succeed at VPHS.

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