End Washington Gridlock EASILY

If you are tired of not feeling represented or listened to by the US Government, then there is a very simple move that you can do that will be felt all the way to the White House.

Forget about marching on Washington. Who has the time to take off work and do that?

Forget about contributing money to some cause that just ends up becoming another useless tactic.

Forget about actually petitioning the government itself because we know they won't listen.



Unregister yourself from your political party. Just as easily as you can register, you can unregister.

The result? If 90% of people in parties unregistered, then that would be the best possible signal to a government that wants to attack Syria, that wants to let special interest control every debate and that wants to write policy in favor of banks and corporations and not We The People.

It will create a vacuum where independents will rise and that will mean more voices in every debate about what is going on in America.

Sign this petition if you promise to go unregister yourself to show your contempt for Congress and even for the White House if you wish. Obama is going away anyway, so now is the time to show our "representatives" who has the last laugh. Let them realize that new political parties will crop up faster than they can explain the massive amount of unregistered voters.

Who said it needs to be Blue versus Red or Red versus Blue. We're Americans and we can only stand together if we stop fighting based on what party we are a member.

Sign this petition promising to unregister!

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