Stop the cruel puppy mill business in Quebec

Puppy mill businesses in Quebec continue to function due to poor legislation and to irresponsible breeders who only care for profit. It is important to bring awareness that making profit while causing harm should not take place in a democratic and caring society.

According to the Humane Society of Canada the puppy mill industry is a multimillion dollar business in Canada. Puppy mills are breeding facilities where dogs are constantly forced to breed while living in appalling conditions. Dogs are kept in small cages with little room to move, and no access to adequate sanitation, food and care.

Puppy mills in the province of Quebec are a big contributor to the unregulated puppy mill problem in Canada due to lax legislation and an unenforced registration system. A Humane Society of Canada internet source indicates that Quebec puppy mills with more than 15 animals are required a permit but no registration, puppy mills with fewer than 15 animals don�t require a permit and there is no limit as to the number of animals a puppy breeder can have. In Quebec there are no penalty laws and no jail time for breeders who abuse dogs and puppies.

This injustice and cruelty must stop. It is urgent that the province of Quebec introduce legislation that protects vulnerable pets and shut down breeding operations that violate basic care needs. It is inhumane to wait until helpless dogs have been severely abused to take measures. Dogs are not objects. They are sensitive beings with emotions and needs and that require love and care.
Please ask the Quebec government to implement mandatory licensing laws, inspection laws and penalty laws for breeders who fail to respect the previously established laws.

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