Urge Pet Store to Move Display Monkeys to Sanctuary

  • by: Kelly Rogers
  • target: Jack and Ellen Schubarth, Owners of Jacks Pet Center

Urge owners of Jack’s Pet Center to move monkeys confined to a small display cage to a sanctuary.

Capuchin monkeys are social, wild animals used to exploring the rainforests of their natural habitat. So why does Jack’s Pet Center insist on keeping six Capuchin monkeys on display in a tiny, dirty enclosure? Sign the petition urging the owners of Jack’s Pet Center to do the right thing and transfer the monkeys to a sanctuary where they can live their lives as they were meant to.

Keeping monkeys as pets–or just keeping them in captivity–is not unheard-of in the United States. However, the conditions at Jacks Pet Center are, to say the least, inadequate. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claims to “routinely receive…calls from customers who leave the store distraught” at the monkeys’ condition and living situation, a sentiment backed by numerous user reviews on Google+ and Yelp. One user’s blurry picture of the monkeys was captioned, “The fact that you can barely see them is because the glass is caked with pee and the like.” Other pictures show a bare enclosure with tiled walls and a sawdust-covered floor that is free of toys or climbing structures–especially worrying since PETA warns that Capuchin monkeys deprived of adequate stimulation become erratic and dangerous (to both themselves and others).


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