• by: Joyce Angleberger
  • target: The FCC; the Owners, Managers and News Directors of major television News Broadcasts

Endangered wildlife crises and animal abuses across the globe are rarely reported on the major TV news broadcasts. When they are, only brief descriptions are given, lacking investigation, how a crisis affects us and our environment and what we can do about it. For example: we may hear that the current poaching of rhino, elephants and cats in Africa are causing their populations to plummet toward extinction and damaging the region's ecology. A few brief facts about this and other crises worldwide may be televised, but missing in the reports is:

1) WHY -  the international demand for ivory and animal parts for medicines, aphrodisiacs, clothing, decoration and religious rituals are driving animals like rhinos and tigers to extinction.  Ivory, organs and other animal parts have no medicinal value nor aid sexual potency, and are not needed for our decoration, clothes or rituals.
 2) WHAT CAN WE DO - each of us can decrease demand for animal parts by refusing to purchase products made of leather, fur, ivory, skins, feathers, refusing to eat meat from factory farms, and refusing to attend circuses and marine exhibits where animals are cruelly treated, and isolated in captivity. Demand drives abuse and extinction.

3) WHAT ELSE IS HAPPENING - most known species of animals--wildlife and domestic--suffer great pain and death to make food, clothes, decoration, sport and entertainment for us   

These are just brief summaries, far from inclusive of how animals are mistreated worldwide. 

Please sign to show you demand investigative probing and daily reporting of abuses of wildlife and domestic animals by all major international news programs.

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