The Corona Virus is the sign for all humanity civilization

The Corona Virus is a sign for humanity civilization

The planet Earth is the home of all living beings inhabiting it. We, humans, are just one of many forms of life. Although we are conscious, but we are living an unconscious life which is the time to change. As a child is born and raised, understanding the surrounding environment, gaining love and learning to give that love, the child becomes a teenager, he develops dreams, and he believes that he will change the world. As adults people realize that all dreams come true only when you can take responsibility for your actions. The thought that free will cannot be irresponsible leads us to the law of karma – every good or bad deed will be rewarded. All of our thoughts and actions create negative or positive karma every second. We, humans, forget the divine laws and values: love, compassion, faith. We forgot the Saints and their writings and teachings. Economic growth factors are becoming the most important factors for us to have a happy life. We have forgotten that the planet Earth is the home of all of us. The consumerist approach to nature has to be changed. Near us, are polluted oceans, deforestation, human wars, and victims, somewhere near the people starving, destitute, sick, out of home, mass violence and vulgarity, laughing at saint values. Democracy is bought and built by influential entrepreneurs, it's not a philosophy, it's a tool for their greed. Justice is two-faced and deaf. The memory of humanity, the common lessons of wars and the tragedies of humanity are distorted. We do not have a common understanding of human history as one, a common understanding of the world as our home, and we are still demonstrating the power to prove the truth. While it is not necessary to prove the truth, while the truth is universal and universally understood, it emits light and releases from ignorance. We must build a Home for our planet Earth, Home without borders, without war, hunger and disease. Whether it be the World Senate or the World House of Commons. Most importantly, people's hearts have to have the desire to create a common Home where all will speak the same language of truth, compassion, love, and goodness.
Earth is a living creature. It is full of life everywhere, even the smallest of molecules, radiating life and struggling to survive. People are the complex creatures of God, who, in accordance without divine values, become vulnerable: sicknesses, catastrophes, nature anomalies… We need to become responsible adults - a whole human civilization on planet earth who understand that the virus is not God's scourge on humanity, but the result of our bad behavior. We need to purify our minds, change our actions and way of life, and change our destiny and that of the entire planet. If we do not change our attitude to what we do on this earth, more problems and adversity could occur. Quarantine, isolation can lead to discord, confrontation, fears, and wars. All mankind has to work to change their lifestyle radically. We have to unite for a common cause, live in harmony with nature, we are part of it.
We have to become family members of one earthly planet because we are one big family. Why do we ignore this?

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