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Many people present opinions, but do they really give you facts? BSL is nothing but racist, uneducated people who are targeting a breed that they have NO knowledge on and persuading many people to hate the breed. The Pit bull is NOT a breed, just a dog that looks. If we see a Boxer x Lab mix we may consider it a Pit bull. Not because it is, but because it makes sense. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed, and a very hard working, loyal one. We often ask Pit Bull owners, why let your child be near a Pit bull unsupervised? Why allow your child to be unsupervised with ANY dog? It's not the breed of dog, that does damage. The only damage done is by the humans. A Pit Bull made an attack again. LET'S BLAME THE DOGS! While we go on; Beating our wives, stabbing, shooting, selling drugs to under age children, raping young girls, fighting dogs, breeding dogs, stealing, and finding fault.  We find fault in everyone else, or something else because we do not like to take blame on what we as an individual, community, goverment, or world did. We ruined the world, not a four legged animal. Many Christians seek truth, and speak of how everyone has a purpose and we were all made for a reason. The Pit bull was put on the planet from God, and only God will take this dog off. The Goverment needs to speak up, people need to speak up. Someday, it will be your dog who is taken away. Stop looking at them as a Pit Bull, Retriever, and Dalmation. Look as a DOG.

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