Martina McBride: Please cancel your performance at Seaworld

I have always been a huge fan of country music and anyone who thinks of or enjoys country music knows the name Martina McBride. She is an icon in not only the country music world but the music world itself. Her passion is reflected in her voice. I was disappointed to learn that she was in the line up to perform at Seaworld for their "Bands, Brew & BBQ" event.

In light of all the media highlighting the newly released documentary "Blackfish" and also the book "Death at Seaworld: Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity" written by David Kirby it clearly shows what keeping these highly intelligent and social animals in captivity can do. These animals in the wild live in tight knit family pods and can swim over 100 miles a day. The welfare and safety of these animals have been compromised all in the name of profits. It shows how these animals were obtained from the wild, ripped from their families and now made to perform for the paying public day in an out.

Recently the Band, The Barenaked Ladies had been scheduled to perform at Seaworld but after watching Blackfish and thousands of fans signing a petition to ask them to reconsider, they did. Seaworld has confirmed they have been removed from the Seaworld event line up. I am asking Martina to do the same.

Martina has been involved in numerous charities and i'm hoping that we can urge her not to support captivity and to cancel her performance at Seaworld.

I am asking you all to please unite your voice with mine and speak out for those unable to do so. Thank you.

Update #33 years ago
Cheap Trick has now canceled their performance at Seawold as well! Its amazing how these performers are getting involved and taking a public stand that they will not support cruelty and captivity! Please continue to sign and share this petition so Martina gets the clear picture that by performing at Seaworld she is telling the world she is okay with their treatment of captive Cetaceans on display there!
Update #23 years ago
Not only has The Barenaked Ladies cancelled their show at Seaworld but now so has Willie Nelson and HEART! Lets continue to reach out to Martina and tell her why captivity should NOT be supported! You are making a difference! Thank you!
Update #13 years ago
We have reached over 1,000 signatures! Lets keep it going! Please continue to share so Martina gets the message that there is nothing okay about supporting captivity! Thank you!
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