stop from selling real fur

  • by: angie kidd
  • target: ebay australia and consumers

i am a mum from australia and i have been both a buyer and seller on ebay for many years.until recently i had no idea of the disgusting treatment of animals,that were being used for fur clothing.after seeing a video on facebook that showed animals being skinned alive for their fur,including dog and cats.i have joined every anti fur campaign i can find,including peta,the anti-fur society and unleashed australia.the treatment of these animals for fashion is unbelievable.a lot of the fur that is on ebay is from china(not just china i would like to add this is not meant to be a target at china only) but a lot of the fur that comes from china is dog or cat.the selling and wearing of fur needs to be stopped and we need to target the people that participate in this,ebay being such a big company need to be stopped.
ebay protects the designers of fur by banning any counterfit or fake selling on their site of these products
so why cant ebay protect the animals too and stop the selling of fur.   

this is ebays policy on fur (taken from polices

Animal pelts and skins: Animal parts, including pelts and skins from endangered species (such as leopards, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, sable antelopes, mountain zebras, and Hartmann mountain zebras) may not be sold on eBay. Animal pelts and skins from non-endangered species (for example, non-protected species of zebras, coyotes) may generally be listed on eBay, if not in violation of the seller's specific state laws. |For example a license is required to buy or sell any wool, hide or skin under the Wool, Hide and Skin Dealers Act 1935 (NSW) unless the wool, skin or hide is to be used by the buyer for some domestic purpose, or unless otherwise specifically exempted by the Wool, Hides and Skins Act. Generally, such items may be listed on eBay, subject to the above limitations.

As you can see their policies are vague and it reads that you can pretty much sell any fur on their site
ebay has no way of monitoring what type of fur is sold on their site it is left up to the sellers description,which is not good enough   

i will send this petition to ebay,i want this stopped and i hope you do too 

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