IHOP – We Want Vegan Menu Options!

  • by: In Defense of Animals
  • recipient: Craig Hoffman - IHOP & Applebee's, Public Relations & Media. Paul Janeway - IHOP Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Innovation. Darrin Kellaris - IHOP Executive Director of Marketing. Julia Stewart - IHOP Chief Executive Officer

It's time for IHOP to move into the future by offering healthy, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly menu options!

With a rapidly growing number of consumers choosing plant-based diets for ethical, environmental, and health reasons, it is an excellent time for IHOP to expand its menu to include vegan options and make strides for the LiveWell and Green Initiatives. The many people who avoid meat, dairy, and egg products presently have no meal options to choose from at IHOP, and miss out on enjoying your friendly atmosphere and world-famous pancakes.

Other large restaurant chains have responded to consumer demand by adding vegan options to their menus. Recently, Chipotle, Subway, IKEA, Ben and Jerry's, White Castle, and Starbucks have all increased their vegan menu options with great success. We hope that you will match these initiatives and respond to this lucrative, growing market by including vegan options as well.

Thousands of recipes exist for making delicious pancakes and waffles without milk and eggs. By making cost-effective vegan substitutions --  such as non-dairy milk and vinegar -- you can save money while expanding your customer base, and offer healthier options to your current customers, as well as reduce your impact on animals and the environment. It's a win for everyone! Furthermore, simple substitutions for IHOP's breakfast items include plant-based sausage and tofu scramble.

We know that IHOP prides itself on environmental responsibility, and we commend you on your series of Green Initiatives. As scientific consensus asserts that animal agriculture is the leading cause of environmental destruction, so adding vegan options would be an excellent way to further demonstrate your commitment to this issue. We feel confident your loyal customers would appreciate the eco-friendly options!

Update #44 years ago
Exciting news!
Vegan food suppliers are approaching IHOP executives with product supply proposals because of the demand for cruelty-free options which YOU created!

We'll keep you updated.

Update #34 years ago
Thanks for your support everyone, 20,000 signatures and growing!
What better way to use this remarkable tool than to change the world :)

Update #24 years ago
WOW! Together we've hit an incredible 10,000 signatures!
Thanks so much for your support everyone, we can't wait to let you know how IHOP responds!
In the meantime, let's keep the support growing strong and see if we can double it!
Update #15 years ago
Thanks to your support, we are one step closer to 1,550 IHOP restaurants across the country enticing millions to try delicious, cruelty-free dishes that cause no harm to animals.

We're so close to our target, we can almost taste it ;)
But we're counting on kind supporters like you to help us spread the message.

So let's turn up the heat for the home run!

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