Kim Edmonds - dog slasher

  • by: Diane Moffat
  • recipient: Stoke on Trent Magistrates Court

She held down her beautiful 14 year old Springer Spaniel Stig and slashed him 31 times, she also burned him. Then she slashed her other Springer, Daniel to make it look like it was an intruder. She then histerically called her husband.  The police said the house looked like an abbatoir but forensic evidence proved that there was no intruder and she was the one who sadistically attacked her dogs.  Stig needed a four hour operation and this all happened in September 2011. She was sentenced to 5 months in prison and a lifelong ban from keeping animals.  The picture in the paper showed her with her husband and the dog.  The poor dog still trusted her, I just don't know how.  There is no mention of why she did it only that she was taking antidepressants but they don't make you abuse your faithful pets.  Happily both dogs have been rehomed together, which is just brilliant.  This 21 year old woman is obviously very sick. Please sign this petition so that she can be reassessed by the powers that be and have her incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital for a very long time.   

20 Dolphin Gardens West
EH14 5RE

29th September, 2012

Dear Sir

Kim Edmonds - dog slasher - September 2011

I was horrified when I read in the daily newspaper, just a few weeks ago what this woman had done to her pets.  It didn't say why, only that she was taking antidepressants, which was clearly not a viable excuse.

She held down her faithful 14 year old Springer Spaniel, Stig and slashed his nose and head 31 times.  She also burned him and then turned her attention to her other Springer, Daniel to make it look like it had been an intruder. She then histerically called her husband but the police and the forensic unit could not find any evidence of an intruder. The police said that the house looked like an abbatoir and it was Kim Edmonds who tortured her dogs.  I can't understand why she only got a 5 month sentence and there was no psychiatric report, as this woman is clearly very sick.

She has been banned from ever keeping animals again but could do the same to her children, when they come along.  As she is only 21, this is a distinct possiblity.  Most people who sadistically torture animals, go on to children and then adults, so the warning signs were all there.

You were the last person to deem her fit to still be in the community and gave her this minor sentence, which she has since served.  Please act on this petition, which has 2,718 signatures and some very forthright replies, then re-open this woman's case.  She should be sentenced to a further long period in a psychiatric hospital, until they are satisfied that she will not longer be a threat to poor defenceless animals.

Since writing to the Crown Court on 19th September and being told that they would do nothing as it was yourselves who sentenced her originally, it has become common knowledge that this woman had been setting fires in her house and is currently serving a 3 year sentence.  Her animals had to be rescued on a number of occasions and this is not the act of a sane person.  Please reopen this case.  Thankyou. 

Yours sincerely

Diane Moffat


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