NIL for High School Athletes

    The problem is that High school athletes aren't allowed to start their NIL deals yet. There are a lot of high school athletes that have an impact, not only in their community but globally. With NIL deals, high school athletes can help put their product on the map more than it already is. Also, you're more likely to see a high schooler out in public than a college athlete or professional athlete. You could talk to the athlete and get more info on the product before investing into the deal. More people in the community will be invested because they more than likely know the athlete and probably trust him.

    High school athletes also put their bodies on the line everyday. For example everytime we step on the playing surface we risk injury. We put our bodies through a lot for a reward of hardly anything. The athletic associations benefit so much from our hard work. With the NIL, I think it’ll motivate athletes to go hard on the field and in the classroom. It would help in the classrooms because students would want to make sure they are able to play so they can continue to brand themselves. Branding and NIL deals will give a little reward and motivation to student athletes to work harder.

    This needs to be changed because with NIL deals, high school athletes can start to put their brand out there. They can start to promote themselves and sell their products. There should be no reason that high school athletes that know where they will be attending school shouldn’t be able to get a head start on the NIL and start branding. Branding is a big deal in the sports world. High school students could make merchandise and start to sell that around their community. And for endorsements, they can be as small as a corner store or as big as Nike. If the company wants to invest in the athlete that young he should be able to. The athlete is just creating a bigger fan base for himself or herself in the long run.

    With NIL deals it also helps the kid become more mature in a financial way. It helps them with professional finance and schools can help the kids with money management if they need it. The school system doesn’t teach us enough about real world things. This could help kids understand how to manage their money. So when they get to college and the deals continue to come in, they are not stuck on what and how to spend their money.

    The solution to this problem is that the NCAA and high school associations need to fix this matter. It is even fine if they put a limit to endorsements you can have as a high schooler. As long as they give us something it's fine. They should allow high school athletes to create their own brand and sell things if wanted. Also, endorsements to come and sign them if the endorsements want them. All it is doing is setting them up for a bigger future in the branding field. For when they go to college and continue to brand themselves.
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