Tell USDA, Don't Let Canada's Biotech Industry Mess With American Apple Pie

  • by: Susan V
  • target: U.S. Department of Agriculture

When you eat an apple, do you want to be sure it’s fresh? Or is it good enough that it just looks fresh?

If the USDA and a British Columbia biotech company have their way, you won’t even get a chance to choose. Their new Arctic Apple is genetically engineered (GE) not to brown when you cut it, so you won’t really know if it’s fresh, and because it won’t be labeled, you won’t know if the apple you’re buying is GE or not.

What’s worse about the way Okanagan Specialty Fruits is messing around with the DNA in these freak apples is that they may have higher pesticide content - because the gene that causes them to brown also defends the plant against pests.

This controversial apple is already being dissed by McDonald’s and Gerber Foods.

Tell the USDA not to let Canada's biotech industry mess with American pie -don’t approve Okanagan’s freak Arctic Apple.

We, the undersigned, oppose this unnecessary genetic engineering of America’s apples.

Food and Water Watch explains that you just can’t turn off one gene to stop the browning and not expect repercussions. The browning gene is connected to the tree’s natural way of protecting itself against pests, and the USDA doesn’t really know what impact this change will have on the plant’s health and human health. It’s very likely that more or stronger pesticides will be used as a consequence, hurting the plant, humans and the environment.

According to the Huffington Post, organic growers worry not only about contamination from the GE apples, but also that concern about the Arctic Apple will hurt all apple sales.

Opponents say that Canada is also headed toward approving the GE apple, without any public comment or release of environmental assessments. The OK from the USDA will only make Canada’s approval that much easier.

We request that the USDA not allow this new GE apple on the market in the U.S.

Thanks for your time.

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