Request EZbuy (singapore) to stop promoting and importing rabbit fur keychains

  • by: Ng
  • recipient: Wendy Liu , Co Founder of EZbuy

There is a outrageous number of shops in Singapore selling rabbit fur key chain.
This trend is made worse with online retailers promoting and selling them for very low prices.

Rabbit fur are cruelly harvested from rabbits who are kept in bare wire mesh cages with little space for activity.
After shedding their winter fur, rabbits are then yanked out of the cages and into the slaughterhouse.Where workers leave them to struggle and thrash wildly after hitting them on the head with the back of a knife. Rabbits are then hang upside down to get their throats slit. They are not checked for signs of life before being skinned, and some were still kicking and twitching as the skin was torn off their bodies.
This is the cruel process used to obtain the fur to be made into the key chain which grossly resembles a life rabbit.

As a regular patron, i am disgusted that EZbuy has chose to ignore this malpractice to still be shipping and promoting this cruel accessory in their "Cuddly Plushies" featured collection.
There is nothing cuddly about ripping the fur and skin out of an animal just so people can have a rabbit hanging off their keys and bag.

I hope to raise awareness for the treatment of animals. To stop supporting merchants who are profiting off the unethical treatment of animals and hopefully EZbuy Singapore can do the same.

Ezbuy Singapore, can help by promoting faux fur accessories instead of real fur.
As a popular online shopping company in Singapore, Ezbuy can help to influence and educate online shoppers to choose their products wisely hence reducing the unnecessary suffering and deaths of animals bred for their skin and pelts.

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