Stop Blind copy paste and NO suicide track

    Dear makers of GHKPM

    As ardent viewers of the show and fans of the leads of the show Sai and Virat, we the audience are very much invested in their journey- the story of their love and their life. And we do understand that in the story, things cannot be hunky dory all the time and there are going to be misunderstandings and roadblocks. But we do ask that when you show these misunderstandings and troubles, you do not forget the personality of our leads
    that you have painstakingly established over all the episodes thus far. We do want to see Sairat get over difficulties and triumph but not at the cost of butchering their core personality.
    Since you are following the story of Kusum Dola- we know there will be a track of Sai and her college friend where Virat misunderstands her and gets possessive/jealous. We kindly ask that when you show this track, even if Sai get extremely hurt/upset please DO NOT show her attempt suicide. Because as impulsive as Sai is, she has already committed the act once and has learnt her lesson. It sends out a terrible message to have her once again attempt suicide. She is now a medical student who knows the value of life so as hurt/alone and wounded as she may be if her Virat Sir makes allegations about her, she should not be shown resorting to suicide attempt. Similarly please do NOT show her use suicide as a bait to get family to attend her college function. It's utterly ridiculous and makes light of a very serious issue. Please be a little creative and change the plot a little bit.
    If you want to show Sai get injured and land up in the hospital thereby making Virat guilty and realize the magnitude of his words in Sai's life- there are many ways to do that WITHOUT suicide attempt. Similarly there are many ways to convince/trick family into coming for her college function that do not involve suicide drama.
    While the original story certainly is a good one and following it had garnered you great TRPs thus far we do humbly ask that you do not copy every single thing from the show. We would like to be surprised as viewers and have the story adapted to suit Sai and Virat in todays time, and not be reduced to Sai and Virat acting as Rono and Imon.
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