Save The Tigers in Brazil

Judiciary of Paraná, is against the conservation of endangered species already in extinction, encouraging the extermination of the race! Going against international laws and agreements that Brazil has signed a commitment!
IBAMA want sterilize our 12 tigers and lions that today living our Mainteiner in Brazil

We know that in today's world, there are approximately 3,200 tigers released into the wild of 100,000 that existed a century ago and that number declines each year, and includes captive tigers between 15 and 20 thousand in zoos, breeding and even in private homes. Around the world, people and institutions have come together to save these species, making plans and more plans for conservation.

In Europe an appeal was made to comply with international obligations, the ban on trade in tiger body part and skin, which is one factor that contributes to the path of extinction, another contributing factor to this is the use of their habitat by Man, decreasing the space Tigers have by 40% in the last decade, among other factors.

All this is a great pity, since subspecies have become extinct, tigers of Java, Bali and Caspian.

Anyway, as you all know our job, we have a maintainer, where we take care of 14 animals, including 12 tigers and two lionesses, these animals were not took from nature, their natural habitat, we got some of these animals from the same "IBAMA"(Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) that should protect are agaisnt our animails., some others were rescued from abuse, other from circus, shelthers, and others by the MPF (Ministerio Public Federal), from there, some of them mated and reproduced in our Mainteiner.

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