Ask Walmart to Stop Selling Waggin Train, Milo's Kitchen..etc

  • by: LC
  • target: Mike Duke, CEO of Walmart

Nearly 1,000 dogs have reportedly been made ill and died by chicken jerky treats made in China. Treats containing yam, sweet potato, and pork (pig ears) were also reported as being tainted. 

The FDA tries to get away with it and doesn't do a thing about banning these poisonous treats. Big corporations such as Walmart continues to carry these in their stores, and many consumers are unaware of the fact that these treats kills dogs. 

Therefore it is imperative that we urge Walmart to take responsibility and stop selling these treats to the public.

The following brands are tainted:
-Waggin' Train chicken Jerky and Yam good chicken
-Canyon Creek Ranch Jerky treats or tenders
-Milo's Kitchen Home-style Dog treats
-Beefeaters Sweet Potato Treats
-Kingdom Pets at Costco
-Drs.Foster and Smith
-Dogswell Veggie Life Vitality

The photo attached is a photo of a owner singing to his dog that's dying from eating these tainted treats. NO ONE should have to go through this. 

To: Walmart

We, the undersigned are urging Walmart to please discontinue the sale of any chicken jerky treats and/or the following tainted dog treats made in China.

All chicken jerky treats that are made in China and/or the ingredients are coming from China are poisoning our dogs causing illness & death in many healthy dogs after they have consumed these treats even while staying within the guidelines. The FDA knows there is a link but it is undetermined as to what that link may be. At the slightest doubt these products should have been recalled or at the very least a warning label put on all packaging. We are seeking the removal of these products from all store shelves or warning labels put on all packaging. No animal should ever have to die due to treats.

It is time for you to step up and protect our voiceless companions and immediately halt all sales of poisonous chicken jerky imported from China. 

Walmart is one of the biggest cororations, and Walmart alone has the power to educate the public and to make a difference by being the first corporation to discontinue these treats. Others will surely follow the great example of Walmart.

Thank you in advance,

We, the undersigned 

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